Rescue Worker Explaining What Surrendered Dogs Go Through Is Just Heartbreaking

Meily Art/Shutterstock

With the holidays upon us there will be a lot of people who will wake up on Christmas morning to see a brand new be-ribboned puppy under their tree. And come January a lot of these puppies will end up abandoned at shelters when the recipients discover how much work owning a dog actually is.

A dog foster recently shared a heartbreaking video of what a dog feels when it is surrendered and it should give anyone considering giving a puppy as a holiday gift a lot of pause.

The heartbreaking clip, shared by the TikTok account for @thefabfiverescuedog, shows one of her foster dogs and how it reacts after it has been surrendered by its owner. The owner who had this dog for over two years decided to surrender her to a shelter and it's just heartbreaking watching her pacing and checking the door every few moments, waiting for her people to return.

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Almost any behavior issue a dog has can be worked through with proper training and patience. Most local animal shelters have free help lines you can call which will give you advice on training your dog. A dog isn't a gift you give someone on a whim, owning a dog is a lifelong commitment that should be undertaken with seriousness and consideration.

One user commented, "I boarded my dog for a weekend and the look when she saw me at pickup. Can't imagine what goes through their mind when their family doesn't come back." Another person added, "As someone struggling with a 12 week old puppy, I get it. I'm tired. I've cried. But there is no universe where I could give him up."

If you adopt a dog, that dog is your dog for life. Please don't surrender him when the novelty wears off.

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