Rescue Sanctuary Adopts Precious Special Needs Pup and Leaves with Unexpected Bonus

The Asher House located in Estacada, Oregon, is a non-profit dog sanctuary dedicated to rescuing animals and providing them with a lifetime of comfort, love and adventure.

In an adorable video posted on YouTube on January 16, Asher House's founder Lee Asher visited Oregon Dog Rescue to adopt a special needs dog, and left with an extra dog too!

As Asher enters the shelter he meets Hank, a small white dog who has difficulty walking due to what veterinarians feel is a neurological disorder. Instead of walking, Hank hops! At first Asher was reluctant to adopt Hank due to the large number of dogs they have at the sanctuary but in the video above, you can tell he immediately falls in love with Hank.

Then the rescue brings in another dog named Garth who resembles beloved cartoon dog Scooby Doo!

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When poor Garth was rescued he weighed sixty pounds less than what he does now. He's a big guy! The rescue explains how adorableGarth hasn't had any rescue applications and we are pretty sure you can guess what happens next. When Asher picks up both pups you can tell how much they all all ready adore each other.

What Is The Asher House?

The Asher House was founded when Lee Asher found a parcel of property for his rescue inn late 2020. According to their website, The Asher House rescues and rehabilitates animals that have been abused, abandoned or discarded and provides them with a safe home. Many of the animals have been abandoned on properties or have been in shelters for months. Although they do sometimes foster dogs for other organizations, for the most part, the animals you see at the sanctuary and in their videos and posts have found their permanent home at the sanctuary. Looking ahead to next year, their vision includes taking in more fosters while they await their forever family.

Most of the dogs the sanctuary takes in live out their lives with Lee and his pack, but they do make available the highly adoptable dogs that would thrive with kids and a family, or if it is determined that the pup would do better in a different environment; for example, as the only pet in the home.

You can find information about Asher House and how you can make a donation at their website here.

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