Rescue Raccoon Released Into Wild Insists on Returning Home for Visits

The way he gets into the house is hilarious!

TikTok account holder @ThelmaJaneRaccoon runs a nonprofit raccoon rescue and rehabilitation and saves and cares for abandoned and injured raccoons until they can be released back into the wild. 

Sounds lovely right? Well, that is until one of their rehabilitated raccoons decides it's just not about that wild-life and comes back home in the funniest and sneakiest way possible. Just check out this hilarious video to see Reina the Raccoon make her grand enterance. 

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LOL! She has no interest in being back outside. @Gabrielwillburns comments, "She like “hey, craziest thing, someone locked the front door but, don’t worry I got in.” @Beetlebeverage adds, "She's like "You're right! I should go to my room and think about what I've done!" She does seem like she knows where she is going! @Lalasworld hilariously types, "She’s like “why are you acting like you didn’t invite me over tonight! Well, I’m here already sooo… what’s to eat?”

Listen, we'd probably let her in too. She's too cute to be out in the cold. 

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