Rescue Doodle Slowly Learning to Play with Toys After Realizing She's Safe Is Everything

There are more heartwarming rescue dog stories on TikTok than anyone can fathom, but actually caring for a rescue dog can be a lot more work than you see on social media. After all, it's a massive adjustment for everyone in your home, and it's completely normal if it take a while to get everyone on the same page regarding habits and schedules.

However, it's only a matter of time before you'll watch your furry friend thrive. Progress isn't always linear, of course, but soon you'll be able to look back and see just how far your ex-shelter dog has come.

Rescued Doodle Noa has been blossoming in her forever home, but her mom recently shared that her relationship with toys hasn't always been natural. Day by day, though, she's learning that it's OK to play and have fun!

What a good girl! Noa seems like the gentlest Doodle dog, and it breaks my heart to think of her feeling scared or unsure. Whatever happened in her past, though, it's such a relief to know that she's in the perfect home. She has a loving dog owner to meet her every need and love her unconditionally, and she has a canine sister to help her gain confidence!

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As fun and joyful as doggie playtime can be, it's also immensely touching that Noa feels safe enough to engage with toys for the first time. Judging by her relaxed body language and the way she sleeps on her back--she feels extremely safe with Mom and Sis!

"Stealing the hat and knowing it was ok made me cry," admitted commenter @babyfacedblonde. "Puppy knows they’re safe now. You did so good, girl." I couldn't agree more! It can take a long time for a rescue dog to feel comfortable in their new home, but when it happens, you know you're doing something right.

How to Help a Rescue Dog Adjust

Planning to bring home a new dog can help you feel more prepared when the time comes, but there's only so much you can do until you bring your adopted dog home. That's when the real work begins!

Before you even think about things like training and building routines, it's important to give your rescue dog a quiet, safe environment where they can decompress at their own pace. According to something called the '3-3-3 rule,' it can take 3 days for a new pet to feel safe enough to explore their new home. It takes about 3 weeks until they get the hang of routines and expectations, but it can take a whole 3 months or longer before they truly feel that they're at home. Noa's owner will agree--patience is a virtue!

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