Rescue Dog Has Most Adorable 'Glow Up' 4 Months After Being Adopted

When a dog gets rescued, it sometimes takes a bit of time before they truly make a transformation. Luckily enough for one dog named Ziggy, it only took four months before he looked like a whole new dog.

That’s the power of rescue, right on film! Ziggy looked happy before, when he first got adopted, but now looks even better. His tail is fluffy again and his fur just looks great!

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While we don’t know the backstory behind Ziggy’s rescue, it’s clear that the dog had been through a lot. The fur on his tail was really cut short, and he looked a little disheveled. Luckily, now, his coat is all grown back in and he looks as if he was freshly groomed.

This little dog is having the best life so far. Looking back at his other TikToks, it’s clear that his new mom loves him very much. She even dressed him up as chocolate chip cookie dough and brought him to a Halloween parade. He is having so much fun outside of the shelter!

For this little dog, the glow-up is real. He’s completely transformed into a new dog after four months of love and care. We can only imagine how gorgeous he’s going to look after a year in his new home!

You can tell just by looking at this dog that he is happy. Even in the way that he walks now, he has a little extra pep in his step. Even though this dog looks like he’s young, his mom said in the comments that he’s actually a senior dog. Looks can be deceiving!

We hope that Ziggy is enjoying his newfound life after all these years. He seems to already be very happy and comfortable with his new mom—which makes all the difference in the outlook of a dog.

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