Rescue Center's Incredible Story of Saving a Dog On the Freeway Is Beyond Beautiful

TikTok user @hopeforpawsrescue, an animal rescue organization based in Los Angeles, received a very terrifying call one day. A woman driving on the freeway noticed a small dog sitting on the left side of the road right next to the fast lane. Our hearts stopped instantly listening to that call in the video.

Luckily, Hope for Paws Rescue sprang into action to save this dog. They made the difficult rescue possible. And the transformation of the dog before and after will blow you away. It seriously brought tears to our eyes.


Dog thrown on the freeway, gets hit by a car, lays motionless until someone called #HopeForPaws ❤️ #Dog #Dogs #FYP #dogsoftiktok #Rescue #DogRescue

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We’re beyond happy this rescue organization was able to find Norman and take him right in. Our hearts were breaking because well for starters, how could anyone just throw a dog to the side of the freeway? And secondly, you could just tell how scared he was.

“Omg Norman must have been terrified. Thank you for saving him,” said @sassybre7. We can’t even imagine what was going through Norman’s head. We’re so glad he’s safe now! We’re also so thankful for the person who reported that she saw Norman. Who knows how long it could’ve been until someone else called.

Another TikTok user, @mace4rmcali wrote, “Omg thank you for saving Norman and giving him a 2nd chance at life. May his new life be full of love.” We have a feeling it will be filled with love, cuddles and hundreds of treats! If you’re interested in adopting Norman, or another animal, please visit the Hope for Paws website for more information.

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