Rescue Adopts Mastiff at the End of His Life to Fill His Final Days with Pure Love

The thought of a dog spending his final days without companionship before crossing the rainbow bridge is truly heart-wrenching. That's why we love what TikTok account @Caseyriveter did when they discovered a beautiful Mastiff named Turner on the shelter floor. Turner is at the very end of his life, he's unable to walk, and this wonderful rescue did the only thing they could think of.

They decided to bring this beautiful baby home so he could live his final days surrounded by love. Just watch the following and try not to cry.

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TikTok users are so touched by this kind act, and @Crystal comments, "Oh my heart.  Y’all are angels. Turner I hope the next few days are the best." @Nicole adds, "You guys are wonderful! I’m so glad he will spend his last days being shown love." @Amy says, "I hadn't planned on bawling my face off first thing on a Thursday morning.. but here we are!" @Vaneca says, "Crying. Thank you guys for being so good to these amazing helpless animals. Much love to Turner."

If you would like more information about this wonderful rescue, or to make a donation in Turner's honor, you can visit their website here. In the video they say you can donate an ice cream cone or a steak to Turner and oh my gosh, now I have to go cry. They really are angels on earth. Here's hoping Turner's last days are just as special as he is.

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