How to Replace Your Glasses Lenses Online

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If you’ve been blessed with amazing kids but not so amazing vision, we’ve got an easy way to avoid adding another errand to your lengthy to-do list. Two words: lens replacement.

When your lenses are scratched, you need a new prescription, or you just want to alter the tint of your sunglasses without springing for all-new frames, it’s not time for new glasses (you’re too busy for that). All you need to do is replace the lenses.

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Thanks to a new service from LensDirect — the company that’s been selling contact lenses online for nearly three decades — this has never been easier. Go to their website, check a few boxes, mail in your frames (you can use your own box or LensDirect can ship one to you), and wait about two weeks — 7-10 days for them to swap out the frames, with 1-3 days of shipping on either side — for your old frames fitted with new lenses to arrive at your door.

It’s way easier and, because you’re not paying a retail markup, cheaper. What would typically cost you around $300 in person can go for as little as $69 through LensDirect.

Lens Replacement from

A convenient, inexpensive way to put new lenses in your favorite frames.

Starting at $69.00


Every pair of replacement lenses from LensDirect comes with three essential coatings: scratch-resistance to protect your new specs, anti-reflection to reduce incidences of blinding, and 100% UV protection to preserve your precious eyes.

But the best thing about this service is it accepts any and all frames. It doesn’t matter who made them or when, and it’s kind of nuts that, in the age of endless choice, they can make that kind of blanket promise. But here we are.

Speaking of promises, your new lenses have a complete satisfaction guarantee that lasts 30 days after you receive them. LensDirect will even re-make the lenses if they aren’t working based on the prescription you provided, and you still don’t have to drive anywhere to get them.

So even though you don’t have 20/20 vision, it’s easy to see that for convenience, price, and quality, LensDirect lens replacement is the way to go.


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