Hair Damage Can Be Difficult to Figure Out . . . So We Asked a Chemist How to Fix It

Hair damage, though common, is a different experience for everyone. Between the hair frying and styling, it might manifest in the form of split ends, dullness, or breakage. It can also feel rough in texture or break off when you brush it, and sometimes, no matter how often you attempt to treat it with a repairing mask, it can feel like not much is helping.

It can be frustrating not to know the root (no pun intended) of your hair issues, and it's even more frustrating to know what's wrong and not know what to do about it - despite how many times you've tried to google an answer. For that reason, we spoke to Stephanie Riley, a chemist at Procter & Gamble - the parent company to some of our favorite hair brands like Pantene, Head & Shoulders, and Herbal Essences - to get some insight on how to treat and repair hair damage.