Rep. Bowman emphasizes better oversight for all social media rather than ‘scapegoating TikTok’

Representative Jamaal Bowman (D- NY) joins Andrea Mitchell to react to the House TikTok hearing, where members grilled the social media giant's CEO over data security on the app. “I'm a sitting member of Congress. We have never received one briefing explaining the dangers of TikTok and how TikTok is a national security risk. So this is a rush to judgment without having a larger conversation around the harms of social media in general,” says Bowman. “Our data right now on Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Instagram, our data right now is available for purchase, for sale, for trading, and it is currently being shared with foreign governments and foreign companies without our consent, without our knowledge. So let's talk about all social media companies, what the harms are, and then federal legislation to deal with those issues instead of scapegoating TikTok.”