Reneé Rapp Opens Up About Making Regina George “a Likeable B*tch” in the Mean Girls Musical Movie at Teen Vogue Summit 2023

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The 2023 Teen Vogue Summit has officially come to an end, and Reneé Rapp was in charge of closing out the festivities with a bang.

Rapp took to the stage at Los Angeles’ NYA Studios alongside Teen Vogue’s Senior Culture Editor Claire Dodson to answer a slew of intimate questions about her career and success so far — from her time at Sex Lives of College Girls to her debut album Snow Angel, dressing up as Justin Bieber during the Snow Hard Feelings Tour to serenade The Summer I Turned Pretty star Lola Tung with Justin Bieber’s “One Less Lonely Girl," and reprising her role as Regina George in Mean Girls’ upcoming musical movie.

As the sun set in the city of angels, Reneé Rapp gave the audience at NYA Studios some intel about Mean Girls, including how her upcoming portrayal will be different from her time bringing the character to life on Broadway. “It's inherently different because when I did it on Broadway I was 19 and now I'm 23 and I'm much more comfortable in myself,” she told the crowd.

“I also feel like I'm much more of a screen actor,” she continued. “I think that's actually where I go artistically as opposed to stage acting. I like tiny things and I like subtleties and reading behind somebody's eyes, which you can't really do on stage. [Stage acting is] much more dramatic, which is also really sick, but I like the intimacy of a camera.”

Rapp also opened up about how having the movie format will benefit the musical Regina George. “I think especially for a character like Regina, you need all those nuances so that you don't hate that character because she is a b*tch and you have to make her likable so that's like a task in and of itself.” Another change her Regina will introduce? “[She is] also very gay" — perhaps not in the canonical sense of the term but Rapp promises the vibes will be there.

Aside from providing more insight into her rise to fame and teasing her projects to come — including diving into her next album, which is already in the works, Rapp also took the stage to perform some of her hit songs — including “Talk Too Much," “Snow Angel” and “Tummy Hurts” — in a parred-down setting.

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