Remembering The Viral Advertisement That Roasted Colorado’s Famous Ski Resorts

Ski resort advertisements were a little different a decade ago.

A recent X post from Jamie Storrs showcased a mobile billboard created by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort that essentially called out every Colorado ski area along the I-70 corridor and in Summit County.

Here's the mobile billboard.

According to Storrs, these trucks drove up and down Colorado's I-70 corridor and through Summit County. This area is home to the glut of Colorado's most famous ski areas, like Breckenridge and Keystone.

The mobile billboards attached to these trucks read "How was practice today?" with an image of the Tetons—JHMR's home range—in the background, implying that skiing in Colorado isn't particularly serious. Instead, it's "practice" for an actual ski resort like JHMR.

As skiers returning home to Denver passed these trucks, they'd read the billboards, which called into question the hardcoreness of the skiing they'd just done. I'm sure it got strong reactions from those who came across it, which may or may not be the point of marketing—I wouldn't know. But you can't deny that the campaign is hilarious, effectiveness aside.

Similarly, I'm not going to comment one way or the other on this billboard's implication. I think all ski resorts—and places to ski—are great. If there's snow on the ground and chairlifts, I'm probably satisfied.

Here's what I will say, though. Whoever on JHMR's marketing team conjured up the billboard idea is brilliant. Yes, it's quite snarky, but I wouldn't say it was hurtful. The campaign was more ski resort brand-based banter than something truly malicious. I'm here for it. Let's bring back a little friendly (and creative!) beef between ski resorts.

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