Relax with Squirtle in this official Pokémon ASMR video

Relax with Squirtle in this official Pokémon ASMR video. If you’ve been feeling stressed, the creators of Pokémon just released a relaxing new video with a special guest. On August 13, the Pokémon Company uploaded “Squirtle’s Day at the Beach” on its official YouTube channel. It shows a tropical beach with the therapeutic sounds of waves rolling on the shore and a Squirtle who appears periodically to chase birds, build sand mounds and lounge on the water. ASMR, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a sensation some people experience when exposed to certain mundane triggers. Most people who report having ASMR describe the sensation as a calming feeling washing over their bodies, followed by a pleasant tingling in the brain. “Squirtle’s Beach Day” is the latest in a series of ASMR videos the Pokémon Company has been rolling out since January 2020. Nintendo, one of the three companies that has a joint investment in the Pokémon Company, has been experimenting with ASMR content since 2019 when it launched its Sights & Sounds series