"Too Hot To Handle" Ended And Here Are All The New, Old, And Broken Up Couples From The Season

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My obsession with Too Hot to Handle knows no bounds — needless to say, I watched all of Season 2 in one sitting.


It was, quite literally, almost too hot to handle. But I powered through.

In case you didn't know, the show follows a handful of sexy singles who are on a quest to form deeper relationships WITHOUT the distraction of sex*.

At the end of the season, there were two confirmed relationships coming out of the retreat: Cam and Emily...

Cam and Emily sitting in bathing suits on the beach
Tom Dymond / Netflix

...and Melinda and Marvin.

Melinda and Marvin listening to Lana's announcement
Tom Dymond / Netflix

However, the show ended some time ago*, so here's the current relationship status of everyone:

*The show wrapped on Netflix a week ago, but finished filming months ago.

Cam and Emily are still going strong! They now live together:

Marvin appears to be single:

Meanwhile, Melinda is in a relationship with Peter:

Chase appears to be single:

Joey appears to be single:

Carly appears to be single as well...:

Nathan appears to be single:

Christina and Robert have been dating for six months:

Tabitha appears to be single:

Kayla appears to be single:

Larissa appears to be single:

And Elle appears to be single:

And there you have it, folks! Be sure to catch these sexy humans in their season of Too Hot to Handle, now streaming on Netflix.