Reese Witherspoon Says Her Latest Book Club Pick Is 'Fascinating' & It's on Amazon for 50% Off

With the summer quickly rolling along, the list of things to do and enjoy just keeps getting bigger and bigger. From activities to do with the kids, or must-try recipes to enjoy outside, there’s a lot to look forward to this season. And, among the many activities, is, of course, to enjoy some summer reading.

So, in case you’re already looking for a book to start off with, look no further than Reese Witherspoon‘s latest book club pick. On June 6, the actress announced her latest summer reading selection: Cassandra in Reverse by Holly Smale.

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“Hey everybody, happy summer,” Witherspoon said in the video on Instagram. “Yes, it’s summer! The kids are out of school, time to have some fun and read some great books.”

Talking about Smale’s book, Witherspoon said the novel is “so fascinating.” “It has a lead character whose voice I just loved,” she continued. “She’s very witty, very self-deprecating. She also knows so much about Greek mythology, it’s fascinating.”

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The Morning Show star then went on to tease some of what the book is about. “We meet her on the worst day of her life, she’s getting fired, her boyfriend dumps her and her roommates hate her,” she said. “On that same day though she discovers she had the power to go back in time. You think you would know how this book ends, but it really surprised me. There is a twist at the end that I did not see coming.” We’re intrigued!

In her Reese’s Book Club essay, Smale talked about the inspiration behind the book. As it turns out, following her autism diagnosis, the author failed to see herself in any book out there, so she decided to write one herself. “If I had failed to find many women like me in books, perhaps I could write one,” she wrote. “Thus Cassie was born.”

“Like me, she would struggle with human connection and communication; she would find relationships difficult, emotions confusing and her environment sensorily overwhelming,” the author continued. “Like me, she would be considered ‘weird’ and frequently ‘unlikeable’ and would struggle to find her place in a world that held her permanently at arms’ length.”

“But I didn’t want to write an ‘issues’ book. I wanted to write a joyful, fun story, albeit one with a slightly less usual protagonist,” she continued. “At its heart, this book is about what we all experience: a basic human desire to connect with the people around us, and ultimately to ourselves,” she wrote. “Cassie uses time travel – in a very autistic way, looping, repeating, hyper-focusing – to do what we’ve all found ourselves wishing we could do at some point: undo our mistakes, rewrite our histories and edit our own lives. She may do it in a slightly unconventional way, but the search for love is universal. And this is what Cassandra In Reverse has always been about: love, in all its different forms. Love for each other, as humans, despite our differences.”

Smale’s novel and Witherspoon’s latest pick, Cassandra in Reverse, is available now on Amazon for 50% off, get yours while you can!

‘Cassandra in Reverse’ by Holly Smale

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