Ree's New $15 Product Will Soften Rock-Hard Brown Sugar

terracotta sugar saver
Ree's Terracotta Sugar Savers Work Like MagicWalmart

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Nothing ruins a weekend of baking cookies quicker than realizing your brown sugar is rock hard! And while there are ways to soften brown sugar (with methods using your microwave or oven), the easiest option might just be this nifty kitchen accessory.

Yes, we're talking about terracotta brown sugar savers!

Home bakers may already be aware of this magical kitchen hack, but in case you missed it, the small discs can be placed right in your pantry containers to keep brown sugar soft and pliable. Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

Here's another handy tip: Not only do brown sugar savers do exactly as the name implies (save your brown sugar from the unwelcome fate of becoming a brick), but they're also pretty darn handy for a variety of other uses. Like did you know that you can use Ree Drummond's sugar savers to keep your favorite cookies or baked good fresh for longer?! Or that you can place them in a bag of marshmallows to keep them pillowy soft? (It's a game-changer for s'mores season!)

terracotta sugar saver

Just like some of our favorite Pioneer Woman products for under $15, this 4-Piece Terracotta Sugar Savers Set is an affordable kitchen tool if we ever did see one. Plus, it comes embossed with Ree's beloved signature designs in butterflies and flowers so it would even make for a charming addition to a gift set for bakers!

So, how does it actually work? The sugar saver discs are made from terracotta which is well-known for being porous and highly absorbent. Therefore, when you soak the terracotta discs in water, pat them dry, and add them to your brown sugar container, they’ll hold onto that moisture and naturally release it back into the sugar over time. Ultimately, keeping your sugar moist and soft. Using the same method, the terracotta discs can keep dried fruits chewy, marshmallows soft and squishy, and prevent baked goods and breads from going stale.

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The Pioneer Woman 4-Piece Terracotta Sugar Savers Set


But don't take our word for it, the reviews for this Pioneer Woman product speak for themselves:

"It's like magic! I never knew that I needed these sugar savers until I had them," one customer said.

Another reviewer called it "a smart, useful product that everyone can use in their kitchen."

"These disks actually work like charms—no clumping and just wonderful!"

Once you have your brown sugar savers, you might want to stock your pantry with Ree's food storage containers, too.

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