Ree Drummond Made A 'TV-Free' Space In Her New Home

The Western painting really ties the room together.

Ree Drummond is showing off a new "TV-free" space in her home she decorated in striking golds and blues, with wall-to-wall shelves, a comfy sofa, and pictures of the family dogs.

The blue shelves are set off by the dusty gold sofa, shiny gold sconces, and a large cowboy painting formerly owned by her husband's parents.

"The painting was in Ladd’s parents’ house forever, and I hadn’t planned to put it here," the Pioneer Woman said. "But something about the gold sofa and the golden tones of the western landscape clicked, and now this spot is a place to read, think, remember old times, and reset amid glimpses of Nan, beloved ranch dogs, and (eventually) photos of friends and family."

Drummond said she created the loungey space at the top of the stairs in the new Drummond Ranch home. With no television to distract them, it's a great spot to relax and catch up.

"Ladd and I sit up here in brief spurts and talk about the kids, the weather, and what the next couple of days looks like," she said. "I either have coffee or wine, depending on the time of day, and he has a Dr. Pepper no matter what time of day."

We approve of this cozy new space, and the Drummonds' daughters seem to agree.

"Might just be my favorite spot in the new house 🥰" Alex commented, while Paige had no qualms in calling it "The best spot!!!"

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