Reddit Users Reveal the Weirdest Places Their Kids Have Hidden Stuff & It'll Have You Rolling

I’ve found the TV remote in the refrigerator, baby toys in the couch cushions, and various kid shoes all over the house. Once, one of my favorite necklaces was lost for six months inside tiny opening in my desk until my 5-year-old pulled it out one day and admitted he hid it there. Kids are great.

One mom on Reddit can’t find her phone after her adorable daughters hid it, which sparks a discussion of all the weird places kids like to stash their treasures. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry — just be sure to write these down so you’ll know where to look next time you can’t find something.

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“If you were 4 and 6 year old little girls, where would you put your mom’s cell phone?” a mom asked in the Parenting subreddit, and we are instantly intrigued. Hmm … a missing phone shouldn’t be too hard to find, right?

Apparently, wrong, because this poor mom has been searching for days.

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“I’ve been looking for days. It’s dead,” she wrote. “I have a couple of rooms where I KNOW it isn’t, because I have been through every single drawer, bin, crevice, nook, cranny, looked under everything, and looked OVER everything. But like, this is getting out of hand.”

It sounds exhausting — but phones aren’t cheap, so she has to find it. Like any chronically-online millennial, she turns to Reddit for help.

“Anyways, start throwing ideas out there,” she begs. “I’ve done precursory glances in every room, and their bedroom, my bedroom, and the bathroom are 100% not where it is. See also, laptop cord. The garage is also inaccessible to them.”

Throughout the day, she’s added several updates as she searched.

First, she said, “Edit: entry way/towel cabinet/entry closets have been looked in- no phone. No phone under stove Not in dining room, though it does look like that a spot they like hoarding toys … And a gummy bear?! Not behind my fridge. At this point I’m just wasting time till it’s light out so I can go check outside.”

“That said, the fridge is vetted,” the mom continued. “Friendly reminder to clean on top of/under/ behind your fridge every so often. It’s not in the kitchen.”

She added another update addressing some of the common places people suggested she look. “Edit to add commenly suggested things: The phone is dead, so ‘find my phone’ sadly isn’t an option. Trash has already been taken out, so I really hope it didn’t go there. I’ve checked the couch, and will be checking again. Beds have been dissected. Oh god I hope it’s not in a pocket, or a vent. I’ve checked under all kitchen appliances. And on. And in.”

We are rolling. I mean, it’s awful for this poor mom, but something similar has happened to all of us, so we totally get it! The endless searching has got to be exhausting.

The mom of two is clearly desperate, because she is begging her girls to help.

“I have asked them, but they have sudden amnesia,” she said.

A little bit later, she added another update. “Edit: another area gone through, and my excuses to not check outside are dwindling,” she said. “I’m very displeased. On the plus side, I’m getting closer to having a Martha Stewart ready house, so there’s that. Also thanks for the silver!

Hey, a clean house is a very welcome outcome! Now that the inside has been taken apart and put back together, it’s time for the outside.

“Gonna bite the bullet and look outside before tackling the last rooms. They are last for a reason,” she continued. “It’s not in the backyard, though there is frost, and a graveyard of toys forgotten back there, so…”

The mom wrote, “Edit: I’ve manipulated my couch in every way possible short of taking it apart.”

This mom sounds so defeated, and we don’t blame her! That’s gotta be tough. Luckily, Reddit came through with her similar stories.

“It’s likely inside something. A bag, a drawer under their clothes, inside one of their toys,” one person wrote. “I once found my daughter’s lovey inside her toy oven having looked everywhere else first of course.”

“Have you looked inside boxes like board games?” another commented. “My kid hid his brother’s Kindle in a rarely played board game and we found it when we were preparing to move.. over a year later.”

“I couldn’t find my favorite scrunchie for months. I assumed it was gone for good. I found it around the waist of a Barbie doll,” another said.

Someone else shared, “Mom found her missing credit card in my brother’s toy cash register. His reasoning? It’s money.”

“My brother also used a phone as a dollhouse TV,” someone said. “He had it playing Netflix, until it died and was missing for two days.”

“Most of the things that go missing in our house are found in the trash, under furniture or inside furniture,” another said. “Most things are gone never to be seen again (half of my silverware, a couple bowls, several glasses, keys to my mom’s house, Mary from one of our nativity sets, 2 candy bars from my stash, one Barbie shoe for every pair we own and one stuffed animal that I can remember).”

“I love your responses here because they’re so real. Not ‘thanks for the idea!’ but ‘F*CK WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PLACES THEY COULD PUT IT,’” someone said, and OP responded, “Thanks, I’m getting unhinged.”

The mom’s lastest update reveals she is taking another break: “Currently taking a break. There’s 2 rooms left. It’s not outside. It’s not in my couch. It’s not in/under any appliances.”

Good luck to her! That is the worst!

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