This Reddit User is in Hot Water After Banning Her Friend's Kids From Her House — Is That Fair?

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A Reddit user has turned to the “AITA” forum to find out who is right in a squabble with her friends. “My husband and I are empty nesters. It is a grand experience. Our house is far from childproof,” she began. “We have a small bar set up in the game room, a pool, expensive artwork, pets (one being a dog we do bitesport with), firearms (that are secured, but still in the house), basically all the things we waited to be empty nesters to get.” There’s also a magnetic knife bar packed with very sharp knives.

The couple likes to host game nights and movie nights, and one of their friends always wants to bring her three children along: ages 6, 8 and 13. OP has responded by telling the friend that it’s an “adults only” evening because she doesn’t want to childproof the house.

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“This isn’t to single her out, our other friends also have young children, she is just the only one who keeps trying to insist on bringing them,” she wrote. “She says the 13 yo can watch them, but even then, I am uncomfortable.” There’s just too much stress around the fact that the kids might break something in the house — or worse, get hurt, OP explained.

Now, some of her friends are telling her that she’s being unfair and have begun turning down invitations to game night. The OP wants to know if she’s TA for creating these restrictions in the first place.

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Parents chimed in to say that they, themselves, probably wouldn’t want to bring their kids over. “NTA! Why does she even want to bring them?” one person asked. “I have similarly aged kids and your house sounds cool – but a nightmare if my kids were present.” Another added: “I wouldn’t trust my 13 year old with my two younger kids for any more than an hour, especially in someone else’s home where they don’t know the set rules (like they do at home). NAH it’s your house, your rules, but also your friends prerogative if they’d rather stay home than get a sitter, they sound a little pushy though, maybe I’m reading more into it.”

Some users didn’t like that the mom in question was being so insistent after her friend set a boundary. “NTA. It sucks that your friend can’t find a sitter who can handle her kids, but it’s not OK for her to keep insisting that she be able to bring them into your home,” someone pointed out. “That’s incredibly rude. And the friends who are taking the grudge on her behalf and declining your invitations are even worse.”

And then there were a handful of people who questioned why, given the facts presented, the kids couldn’t stay home alone. “NTA – If the 13 year old is so responsible, he can watch them at her house while they come over. Your house, your rules.”

What do you think? Is this mom justified in wanting to bring her kids over? Or is the OP in the right for hosting nights for adults only?

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