Red alert: There's an entire TikTok store that sells viral items

Hype beasts, take note — there’s a whole TikTok store that retails all of your favorite viral goods of the moment. A video shared on TikTok by user @richarh.brittani shows the inside of the novelty store called Salty Passion, which is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. In @richarh.brittani‘s clip, which pans around the store’s interior, one can see items that have recently gone viral on TikTok. ranging from the “one chip challenge” tortilla chips to the fad “magic shaving powder” to the ever-popular money soap. The shop, which is a literal haven for social media mavens, has drummed up quite the excitement on TikTok. with many users expressing their sudden desire to travel to Indiana. “I would [spend] all my money at that store,” one user wrote