How to Recreate Addison Rae's Dice-Themed Nail Art Look

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Photo credit: Addison Rae
Photo credit: Addison Rae

Watch out Hailey Bieber — there's a new nail guru in town and her name is Addison Rae. While we've been obsessing over the glazed donut nail look for a while now, we're craving some new fall nail art ideas to keep us slaying all season long. Addison apparently heard our pleas and gave us the *cutest* dice-themed nail art. Even better, her nail look is super easy to recreate.

Truth be told, we don't expect anything less from the social media sensation who has been serving us dupable looks all summer including her glam see-through catsuit and globetrotting gal on-the-go style worn with Omer Fedi in Italy. We can't get her pilates princess looks out of our heads (seen once, twice, and thrice) and always look to her for affordable bikinis as she's modeled a-plenty of mismatched two-pieces and sheeny, teeny thongkinis in her reign as TikTok queen. Even her beauty inspo like her red hair and bold Met Gala makeup have us simping. And her latest look has us getting ready to"roll" to the beauty store for nail supplies.

Addison posted the black-and-white look to her Instagram story on September 11 before adding some snaps to her grid. She showed off a simple yet stylish set of fingertips inspired by the six-sided game dice.

The number one dot starts at her pinky, with two dots on her ring finger, three dots on her middle finger, four dots on her pointer finger, and five dots on her thumbnail. To give off that classic vibe, Addison's nail artist Natalie Minerva — who is credited for creating the iconic fingertips of the Euphoria girlies — chose a sleek white shade to contrast the dark black dot details.

Whether you have a dicey record with DIY-ing your own nails or are an expert player, you'll be able to recreate this look. First, apply a few coats of white nail polish to your nails, adding layers until you get your desired opacity. Once dry, user a dotting tool to create small circles on your fingernails in the pattern of each side of a six-sided die. Finally, apply a clear top coat to get that shiny look that Addison's fingertips have.

Ahead, find all of the supplies you'll need for this nail art look, including our fave white and black nail polishes, dotting tools, and clear top coats.

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