Record-Breaking Cold Temperatures Will Hit Most of the Country Next Week

Baby, it's about to be very cold outside. Although a large part of the country is currently experiencing a drop in temperatures thanks to a southward moving jet stream, next week will be even colder, according to The Weather Channel. In fact, the frigid temperatures are expected to be record-breaking for many areas.

Early next week, a cold front will hit the Midwest and East coast, and will soon be followed by another front that will sweep through the same area, as well as the Southern Plains and Deep South. These systems will not only bring some of the chilliest temperatures of the season, but also some of the lowest temperatures ever recorded for November. The National Weather Service predicts a whopping 190 temperature records could be broken from Monday, November 11, to Wednesday, November 13.

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On Monday, residents in the Northern Plains and upper Midwest will see highs in the teens, and those in the Central Plains and mid-Mississippi Valley will see just slightly warmer temperatures in the 20s. If you think that's cold, the peak of this frigid front will actually be on Tuesday. The Northeast will have lows in the teens, parts of the South and Central plains will experience lows in the single digits, and the Northern Plains will see single-digit below zero temperatures. It will even be quite cold in the Deep South with lows in the 20s and 30s from Tuesday into Thursday. The Weather Channel notes these cold temperatures are usually experienced in January--not November.

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And if you live in the Great Lakes region, you might also experience some lake-effect snow next week. However, the majority of the country will be dry, just extremely cold. (However, both the Farmers' Almanac and The Old Farmer's Almanac predict there will be several major storms this winter, so there will be plenty of snow to go around.) With such chilling temperatures, we advise you get any outdoor tasks, such as putting up Christmas decorations, done this weekend. You definitely do not want to be spending time outside next week.