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One of the most comfortable pieces of furniture that you can bring into your home
One of the most comfortable pieces of furniture that you can bring into your home

A recliner chair is one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture you can bring into your home. Whether you’re looking for a chair to relax on in your living room, watch your favorite shows in your bedroom or suitable seating for your man cave, no standard chair can match the comfort of a recliner.

There’s no need to settle on an old bulky eyesore that takes up a lot of space and still looks awkward, you can invest in one of the coolest recliners available in both manual and electric versions. From tons of reclining options to vibrating massages, heating, USB outlets, and more, we’ve revealed our top picks in this guide. So, to make the decision of buying a great recliner less tricky, read on to learn everything about this awesome furniture and get your hands on one.

Top Picks

Best overall: MCombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair

Regular recliners have now been upgraded and become e-recliners
Regular recliners have now been upgraded and become e-recliners

Regular recliners have now been upgraded and become e-recliners. These electric chairs are not only extremely relaxing to sit in, but they also provide your back with the additional support that it needs. This massage chair is particularly suitable for older adults because of its ease of use and comfort. The lift and recline mechanism can be operated with two simple buttons, this enables seniors to stand up without putting stress on their knees or back. Just adjust it to one of the three positions and relax away. This is also a great chair for the winter since it includes a heating option. Heating is also great for healing sore spots on your lower back. It features eight electric nodes that give you a gentle and relaxing vibrating massage. The cozy armrests also have cup holders on both sides for holding your coffee or juice. If comfort is what you’re after, this recliner chair is made with an anti-slip, premium fabric that will not disappoint you. We chose this option as the best overall because of the extreme comfort it provides to customers as well as its intensely rewarding features.

Key Features:

  • Colors: Burgundy, navy blue, coffee, and gray

  • Dimensions: 30.7 D x 34.6 W x 41 inches H

  • Load capacity: 320 pounds

  • Built-in, charging USB ports

Modern aesthetics: Tuoze Recliner Chair

This modern armchair will make an aesthetically pleasing addition to any household
This modern armchair will make an aesthetically pleasing addition to any household

This modern armchair will make an aesthetically pleasing addition to any household. It has a sleek and contemporary look that’s nothing like its traditional counterparts. But looks are not the only great feature of Tuoze’s adjustable recliner. It feels very comfortable and has a sponge filler that won’t deform no matter how long you sit on it. You can use this chair to watch TV, or even take a nap since it’s really easy to recline and adjust the position. The footrest pulls out easily too, allowing you to put your feet up after a long day. This armchair is also very versatile and looks good in areas like a patio or even a bedroom. The frame of this recliner is made using solid metal and wood, making it very durable and long-lasting. You get great value for your money with this option.

Key Features:

  • Colors: Gray and blue

  • Dimensions: 29 D x 20 W x 38.5 inches H

  • Backrest tilts up to 165 degrees

  • Wide structure promotes blood circulation

Premium comfort: Homall Recliner Chair

Premium comfort This attractive recliner will make a great addition to your bedroom or living room
Premium comfort This attractive recliner will make a great addition to your bedroom or living room

Homall Recliner Chair - Premium comfort This attractive recliner will make a great addition to your bedroom or living room. So, if you’re looking for a recliner chair that is comfortable and also gives a modern edge to your home, this is a great pick. It is designed with high-quality PU leather, which doesn’t only feel luxurious but is also easy to clean. It features a thick and plush backrest that molds perfectly against your back, providing you with maximum comfort. The armrests are also very wide, great for comfortably resting your arms and even holding your phone or books. Another cool feature of this chair is the double padded footrest — it has a sturdy structure that easily supports your feet and the footpad won’t scratch your floors either.

Key Features:

  • Colors: Black, brown, gray, khaki, light beige, and red

  • Dimensions: 30.31 D x 27.16 W x 20.67 inches H

  • Load capacity: 275 pounds

  • Reclines up to 180 degrees

Quality materials: Furniwell Recliner Chair

A good massage chair can help melt away the stress from a hard day's work
A good massage chair can help melt away the stress from a hard day's work

A good massage chair can help melt away the stress from a hard day by working out all the knots in your back. That’s exactly what this product does and it comes with a massage function along with an easy-to-use remote. The PU-leather outer layer is soft and inviting while the inside uses a comfortable sponge that easily molds to the shape of your body. The greatest thing about this massage chair is that it requires minimal assembly, saving you time and effort. No more fumbling around with spare parts, you can use this chair as quickly as you can put it together. The footrest also pulls out easily and the back can be adjusted from 90-170 degrees. You can adjust the reclining back easily and even take a nap in this sturdy chair. The strong iron frame is made to be durable and long-lasting.

Key Features:

  • Colors: Black and brown

  • Dimensions: 29.2 D x 19.9 W x 38.7 inches H

  • Load capacity: 280 pounds

  • Remote for better control

Easy assembly: Macedonia Mid Century Recliner Chair

A very chic look and makes an amazing addition to any room.
A very chic look and makes an amazing addition to any room.

This recliner armchair has a very chic look and makes an amazing addition to any room. Macedonia’s recliner can instantly liven up your space while also providing an extremely comfortable seating option. It’s available in a wide variety of elegant colors too, so you can match it to your home’s existing decor. This armchair is made of 100% polyester and has a tufted back that’s very cozy. It adjusts to the shape of your body and can be the ideal spot for reading books or watching your favorite show. The greatest part is that there is minimal assembly required with putting this chair together, making it a great, hassle-free pick. It also doesn’t take up too much space, letting you keep it in any area you want. The footrest also pulls out easily, just perfect for times when you want to fully relax. Get extra comfy and make the most out of the extra cushioning of this sturdy chair, it’s going to be with you for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Available in a range of exciting colors

  • Dimensions: 34.25 D x 27.25 W x 38 inches H

  • Load capacity: 300 pounds

  • Backrest tilts up to 150 degrees

How to find your next recliner chair: A buyer’s guide

Wanting to unwind and relax by sitting in your favorite recliner chair after a long and tiring day — is a simple and common desire. The idea of resting your feet and back on a chair offering you maximum comfort and tons of features is amazing. So without further ado, let’s load up on the information below and find the best option that suits all your needs.

Recliners and your mood and health

As mentioned earlier, recliner chairs are a great purchase if you’re looking for a comfortable piece of furniture. They’re also great for improving the aesthetics of any room and tying everything together. But what attracts us most to these products is the variety of health benefits they can offer. This is particularly true for recliners that can recline fully.

Most of these chairs are made with high-quality materials and with foam that’s plush and cozy. This allows you to better relax on the surface, letting you relieve muscle soreness and tension. You may even experience less pain in your neck and back.

By elevating your feet, your body’s blood circulation improves. This is excellent for older adults. In fact, you can find tons of remote-controlled recliners specifically designed for seniors, keeping health conditions and common ailments in mind. These options offer features like massage, footrests, full reclining, and heating — all of which offer potential health benefits and work to relieve pain.

Naturally, when you feel healthy physically, it impacts your mood. When your body releases tension, your mind gets a fresher perspective too. Recliners are a great place to crash and relax after a long day. Watch a movie, grab your favorite book or just lie down in peace — these chairs won’t cause any pain or discomfort, even if you fall asleep in them.

Features of a quality recliner chair

Some basic features to consider when buying a recliner chair include:

1. Weight capacity

Improve the lifespan of your chair by not overloading it. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommended weight capacity to make the most out of your recliner chair and keep it with you for a long time. If you break this rule and regularly use the chair at a higher capacity than it’s intended for, your chair will likely break down and require replacement.

2. Weight of a chair

The weight of a chair is an important factor too, especially if you plan on moving it around a lot. If you buy a heavier chair, it can be difficult to set it up by yourself or get it delivered to your home. You also need to choose the right location for your chair, so it sits nicely without causing any distractions or disruptions.

3. Dimensions

The dimensions help you decide where to put a chair. If you have already decided on a spot, make sure that the chair you’re buying has dimensions that will easily fit in that space. Don’t forget, recliners usually need more space to function and recline. So keep this factor in mind before finalizing a decision.

4. Material

The most common materials used for recliner chairs include leather, polyurethane leather, and microfiber. Each material offers a different level of durability, comfort, and feel. Picking the right material is crucial, it lets you know what to expect and how to take care of it. Always compare your options based on these factors to see what product best suits your space.

Additional features to consider

In addition to the more basic ones, there are several additional features that you should consider. For example:

5. Heating

Most electric recliner chairs come with a heating feature. This is particularly beneficial for older adults and people diagnosed with back pain. As you sit and relax, the heating element will relieve pressure on your spine and help reduce any pain you may be experiencing.

6. Massage

A power chair can also come with a massage feature, which obviously sounds very enticing. The vibrating motion produces the perfect massage for relieving any knots and tension you have in your back or neck.

7. Rocking

A rocking recliner is a dream come true, especially if you have a little one you need to put to sleep. The perfect combo of reclining and rocking makes these versions exceptionally comfortable for everyone. These recliner chairs are usually spacious and great for taking a nap in.

All the recliner chairs we’ve mentioned have different features and mechanisms that make them unique. Pick one that suits you best and get the most value for your money.

People also asked

Q: How can I clean and maintain my leather recliner?

A: If you have a leather recliner, the best way to keep it in good shape is to clean it regularly using a vacuum with an attachment for wiping off dirt and dust. For occasional and thorough cleaning, you can use a leather cleaner or mix up a soapy water solution.

It is best to always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions before using any chemicals or cleaning products on a leather recliner chair.

Q: Which type of recliner chair lasts the longest?

A: Leather is one of the most durable options for a recliner, it also provides a chic look. Some people prefer microfiber and microsuede because it’s softer and cozier. You can even find certain high-performance fabric that resists stains. Besides the fabric, you should also consider the support built into the recliner to guarantee longevity.

Q: What’s a zero-wall recliner?

A: A zero-wall recliner — also known as the zero-clearance recliner or a wall-hugger recliner — is a chair that can adjust to a compact space and be placed very close to a wall and still recline. Their unique mechanism pushes the whole design forward, letting you recline your chair and relax without needing additional space. The main benefit of zero-wall recliners is you can use all your available space and still get a functional recliner to sit and relax in.