Recipe: Pad Thai

Today's guest is actor, filmmaker, entrepreneur and restaurateur Billy Dec, and this is someone who knows Asian food! He's owner of Sunda New Asian, with restaurants in Chicago, Nashville and Tampa. He's joining us to make a dish direct from his menu, 'Pad Thai'- and if you've never tried it, here's your chance. Billy also features in a new documentary called 'Food Roots', which follows his adventures through his mother's native 7641 Islands of the Philippines, and is screening May 19 at the Tampa Theatre as part of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Click here for more information.

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  • 1 tbsp canola oil, plus more for frying main dish

  • 2 tbsp garlic, minced

  • ¼ yellow onion, minced

  • 1½ cups tamarind concentrate

  • 1 cup Mae Ploy sweet chili sauce

  • 1 cup fish sauce

  • ½ cup lime juice

  • ½ cup tamari

  • salt and pepper to taste

  • 14 oz rice noodles, medium

  • 6 pcs shrimp

  • ½ onion

  • 2 eggs, scrambled

  • ½ cup carrot, julienned

  • ½ cup bean sprouts

  • 2 tbsp peanuts

  • cilantro, chopped

  • 1 lime, for serving


  1. In small pot, heat 1 tbsp canola oil on medium heat.

  2. Once oil is hot, add minced onions and garlic and sweat for 1–2 minutes.

  3. Once onions are translucent, add remaining sauce ingredients and bring to simmer.

  4. Simmer sauce for 10 minutes.

  5. Cook rice noodles per package instructions.

  6. In large pan or wok, heat 1 tbsp canola oil on medium/high heat.

  7. Add shrimp and onions, cook 1–2 minutes, push to the side of the pan.

  8. On other side, cook eggs, breaking into small pieces as they cook.

  9. Once eggs are cooked, add cooked noodles, sauce, and remaining ingredients and toss until fully combined.

  10. Top with peanuts, cilantro and serve with a lime wedge.

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