After Recent Arrest, Bam Margera Was Offered A Bed In Lamar Odom’s Rehab Center

 Bam Margera on Dr. Phil program
Bam Margera on Dr. Phil program

The prank franchise Jackass has been around for over two decades, resulting in a significant amount of fame for its cast. But that notoriety isn’t always positive, as we’ve seen with the various controversies and legal issues currently surrounding Bam Margera. This week was no exception in this regard as Bam fled into the woods to avoid the cops, and was missing for a number of days. Luckily Margera ended up turning himself in, and issuing a statement about the latest charges made by his brother. And after this arrest, the reality TV star was offered a bed in Lamar Odom’s rehab center.

Smart money says Lamar Odom knows what it’s like struggling as a public figure, as his relationship with Khloe Kardashian has made countless headlines over the years. Then there’s Odom’s struggle with addiction, which was also made into a public matter. But he’s since tried to make change through the use of his rehabilitation centers, telling TMZ that Margera is welcome to a free stay if he needs the help. As he put it,

If his problem is alcohol and drugs I would reach out my hand to him and give him a bed in my facility– my wellness center.

While Odom doesn’t have a relationship with Margera, the pair of public figures do have some similarities in their stories. And it seems like the NBA alum would be happy to help out Bam in one of his rehabs if he wanted the assistance. Of course, the most important part of any addict’s recovery is actually wanting to make the change.

Lamar Odom’s comments to TMZ might be a comfort to Jackass fans who remain concerned about Bam Margera in the midst of his current struggles. The skateboarder/TV personality has already been in a number of rehabs over the years. In fact, Bam made headlines last summer for escaping one facility, before eventually being found and brought back. Later in his conversation with TMZ, Odom once again offered him the chance for a bed, saying:

If he wants the help then I’m here for him. I’m reaching out my arms to him.

It remains to be seen what comes next for Bam, but the situation certainly seems serious. His most recent arrest in Pennsylvania was reportedly due to a conflict with his brother, who took to Twitter and alleged Margera was in the throes of meth addiction. Bam has denied these claims, and claimed he’d be suing for defamation over the situation.

It certainly seems like both fans and Margera’s loved ones are concerned about him. Bam’s mother issued a statement while he was still missing earlier this week, while Jackass co-stars like Steve-O have also urged him to get healthy, even posting “you’re dying brother.” And the public is also invested in how it all shakes out, especially considering Bam was pronounced dead earlier this year thanks to COVID complications.