How Rebel Wilson Sleeps at Night

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Macaela MacKenzie
·3 min read
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Rebel Wilson is serious about her sleep. “I'm just a baby—I have to sleep eight hours or more a night,” she says. “Otherwise I literally can't function. I’m a zombie.” Prioritizing sleep, however, can be a challenge for the busy actor and Olly ambassador who is frequently hopping time zones between New York, Los Angeles, and Australia.

Luckily, she has a secret weapon against jet lag: reality TV. “Normally, it’s anything on Bravo, but I've just gone to this new show,” Wilson says. “It's a British show called Escape to the Chateau about this British couple who buy an old 17th-century French chateau and renovate it. I’ve become obsessed and I’ve literally had to use my illegal VPN to watch it [when I’m traveling].”

We asked Wilson for the rest of her jet-lag-fighting bedtime routine and the sleep essentials she brings on the road.

The pre-bed ritual that works every time

My favorite thing to do is to have a bubble bath with bath salts and nice-smelling things. One of my friends gave me a whole box of bath bombs for Christmas, so I'll chuck one in there and make all the water go pink or something. Then it's like my body knows: “Okay, sleep time is coming up now.”

The bath products I swear by

Dr. Teal’s bath salts. They’re really cheap. They got recommended to me back in the day. And then Kneipp bath salts. They have a blue colored box and the salts are a dark blue color, and it makes the water just go really nice. Those are the two I always travel with.

Dr. Teal's Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak

$6.00, Ulta Beauty


Dream Away Bath Salt

$20.00, Kneipp


When I’m home, I’ll put a little Aesop bath oil in there, or Ren also has a really good bath oil.

Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil

$48.00, Dermstore


The tracksuit I wear when I’m alone

I'm a big fan of a tracksuit. I have a whole big, huge pullout drawer of clothes that nobody will ever see me in. They’re like comfy-ass tracksuits like Roots or Victoria’s Secret. It’s just ultra comfortable. If somebody is staying over, I’ll try to class it up.

Victoria’s Secret Soft Jogger Pants

$64.5.00, Victoria's Secret


Cashmere Tracksuit Joggers

$175.00, Naadam


The gummies that help me wind down

I take Olly’s Sleep gummies because of the melatonin and the l-theanine. I do really notice the difference. I normally take these 20 minutes before sleeping or when I'm jet-lagged. I take the sleep gummies, watch a little bit of trashy reality TV for, like, 10 minutes, and just fall asleep.

Olly Sleep Gummies

$14.00, Target


The sheets I splurged on

This is the bougie-est purchase in my whole house, but I have a Hästens mattress, which can go for, like, 20 grand. But sleep is so important to me. And then I have Frette sheets.

Frette Sheets

$550.00, Frette


What’s currently on my nightstand

In New York I live on the ground floor, so I obviously have earplugs. And I think I have a Voluspa candle. And I don’t really read books, so I have some books on my nightstand, but they’re decoration.

Voluspa Japonica Baltic Amber Large Glass Candle

$30.00, Bloomingdale’s


I sleep better at night knowing…

...the latest goss on Instagram. That’s the stupid answer. The serious answer would be that I sleep better when I say what I’m grateful for and I go to sleep in a good place.

Originally Appeared on Glamour