Rebel Streaks Are a Low-Commitment Way to Experiment With Color

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There's no denying that face-framing highlights have been reigning supreme for the last few years. Often also called ring lighting, rebel streaks, rogue blonde, or a money piece, it's a style that's not only seriously low maintenance but that also adds a little bit of interest without being over the top. It's also a trend that recruited Queen Bey, who resurrected the '90s coloring technique ahead of the curve.

In fact, face-framing highlights have made their way into beauty routines around the globe, with the editors at Glamour Russia singling them out as one of the biggest hair trends to dominate the country.

The reason? Well, in part it's because they're universally flattering, but the right shade and placement can also help to brighten up complexions and accentuate facial features. The color can be as subtle as or as bold as you like (depending on where you land between balayage and two-tone territory), and the best bit is that, given that it's usually only two strips at the front of your face that are being dyed, it's relatively affordable and requires minimal upkeep.

And, importantly, if you're the sort of person that gets bored easily, they're super easy to switch up. It's literally just a case of dying the streaks back to your original color, or cutting them into a fringe if you're in the mood for a more impactful change.

And now that we're already half way through summer (sorry, but can you believe that?!) it seems that our current hair crushes are taking things a step further. “Face frames are getting larger and larger,” says Sophia Hilton, Crazy Color Ambassador and founder of Not Another Salon. "I would even go as far as to say they aren't face frames any more. They've evolved to being 5 inches thick in some cases." And looking forward, she says that we're going to be doing more of these oversized, thick face frames.

It's not just the size that's becoming bolder though, because we can expect to see more vivid color too, which–if you ask us–is super exciting. “A common misconception is that face framing is just for the natural girls, but it's really not,” says Sophia. "This trend is for anyone and everyone, no matter your preference on color, and Not Another Salon is seeing more and more clients wanting these colorful, vivid face frames."

In general, stylists have seen a move towards gutsier choices and a real appetite for experimentation which could in part be yet another thing that's happened as a result of the pandemic. Even though life has been back to normal for quite some time now, the repercussions of having to rely on box dyes while salons were closed for so long are still going strong. 

The trend could also be taking hold because of the love we have of dopamine dressing and beauty too. We're all for the addition of mood-boosting color, and nowadays people are less afraid to try something a little more daring. So, if you're thinking of mixing things up and taking a bold color for a spin, but don't want to fully commit, consider this is an entry-level way to seriously level up your hair color in the easiest way possible.

18 ways to embrace the fun face-framing highlights hair trend...

Pretty pastels

The chic combo of pastel color and the short, sharp bob is ticking each and every single one of our hair boxes.

Cookie dough

If you're looking for just a hint of color, let this subtle, soft glam look serve as serious inspiration.

Touch of pink

Pink hair is always a good idea, but if you don't want to commit to a full head, may we suggest opting for something like this?


You'd be wrong for thinking that not many people that could pull off orange hair, but we're here to tell you otherwise–and if you want flaming locks, take this as your sign to do just that. 

Lilac fringe

Proof that you can't combine bangs with a fresh hit of color–we love the whole relaxed '90s vibe that's going on here.

Brighter blonde

Sometimes you can't go wrong with a classic color, and this blended face frame hint of blonde really proves that sometimes, simplicity is key.

Hot pink

Choose your favorite color and then opt for a brighter shade of it to frame your face, just like what's happening here. Because if you can't have rebelliously bright hair as an adult, when can you?

Smoky blue

Is it blue or is it grey? We can't decide, but either way we love this smoky shade. It's an excellent take on interesting color without having to to go down the sometimes-predictable pink or red route.

Pinky peach

Baby pink streaks that are verging on peach are perfect for brightening up brunette hair—and we love that the color here hasn't been taken right up the root, a clever trick that makes an already maintenance style even easier to manage.

Copper blonde

The color, the length, the waves, the money piece…we are beyond in love with everything about this hair.

'70s salamander

When is a mullet not a mullet? When it's just a cutsey, flicked-out fringe, of course. And we adore it: paired with the orange ombre this is serving 70's perfection. ABBA eat your heart out. 

Neon lights

If you're gonna do bold color, why not go all out? Pink, green, turquoise, purple, this one has it all—and the face-framing pink works so much better than you'd expect it to. 

Rainbow glow

One word: wow. Talk about next level neon—the blend of colors here works perfectly with the barely-there ashy pink tones that the rest of the hair has.

Rebel red

Go bold or go home. These tomato-red highlights are giving us serious energy right now.

Carmine Cruella

Consider Cruella DeVille to be 2022's unexpected hair muse—but everything about these curly locks is incredible, right?

All out color

This is a real color love story that uses a perfect ombre blend and re-creates it in the front two sections for a beautiful finish.

Perfect blend

Subtle, perhaps, but still beautiful. We love these chunky face framing highlights that add a little bit of interest, and that follow the natural curve of the hair line. 10/10 stunning.

Ashy contour

Proof that you can go as thick or as thin as you like with these sort of highlights—the overall ashy tones in this finished look are giving us life, as is the fact the blonde has been taken to the underneath layers of hair.

This post was originally published on Glamour UK.

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