Rebecca Minkoff Partners with Women's March Leaders to Launch Inspiring New Social Space

It's been one year since the Women's March brought millions of people together across the country to stand up for issues like equality, inclusion, immigration, and healthcare. Thanks to the work of the Women's March organizers, as well as many others, the momentum for change continues.

To celebrate all of these inspiring females who have dedicated themselves to making a difference, designer Rebecca Minkoff has launched a new social space called RM Superwomen. The platform will not only highlight activists like the Women's March leaders, but it will also be a place for conversation and events that will hopefully inspire women to lead "fearless" lives.

"Fearless doesn’t mean you don’t have fear. It means that, as you look fear head on, shaking in your boots, you do what's scaring you anyways. And sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. But really, it's only losing if you're too scared to try, and it's only failing if you give up — otherwise, it's experience," Minkoff says of the platform. "That's why I started this group... to share and exchange ideas because, I wanted to create an atmosphere that would remind us, and provoke us, to stay fearless."

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To kick off the new social space, Minkoff has partnered with The Women's March, launching a campaign to highlight their voices along with other key activists and influencers like actress Zosia Mamet and journalist Gretchen Carlson.

Along with telling their stories, she's created a collection of feminist-focused pieces, including a Grl Power Sweatshirt ($88; and Feminism Muscle Tee ($58;, which you can see them modeling in the campaign. Scroll down to see a sampling of the women Minkoff has featured and head to RM Superwomen to see more of the inspiring females who will be marching tomorrow.

Sarah Sophie Flicker, Strategic Advisor, Women’s March Organizer

Paola Mendoza, Artistic Director, Women’s March

Nantasha Williams, National Organizer, Women’s March Committee

Zosia Mamet, Actor, Producer and Activist

Gretchen Carlson, Author, Television Commentator, and Chairwoman of the Miss America Board of Directors

Rebecca Minkoff, Designer and Activist