Reba, Kevin Hart, and More Share the Funniest Spirit Halloween Memes

Not gonna lie, Zoey Deutch broke my heart with this one.

Some of the best ideas are born on the internet.

Spirit Halloween has been the subject of internet humor for years, with users frequently joking about their affinity for abandoned storefronts all throughout the year, but this spooky season, the memes have switched gears, and taken off with shocking speed.

According to Know Your Meme, the trend originated in 2019 with a fake Guy Fieri costume, and gained a little more traction in 2021, but it really blew up starting on Oct. 19, 2022. 

The gist of it all is to photoshop a blank Spirit Halloween branded packaging with a fake costume idea. Anything is fair game—often specific to an occupation or location—but the often ill-conceived pop culture references are the ones that really hit the spot—like Star Wars' tragic space couple

Now, even celebrities are jumping on board with their own hysterical—and sometimes self-deprecating—takes.


The country crooner and Big Sky star created a small handful of costumes to match her varying personas, including "Fancy," "Survivor" (and don't forget the heart of a fighter!), and a "Fun-Lovin' Water Spirit"—only one earring included.

Kevin Hart 

Hart is bringing himself to new heights with this "Tall Kevin Hart" costume, which tragically does not include Snoop Dogg.

Ryan Seacrest

The talk show host is giving everyone the chance to walk in his shoes for the night with this "Professional Talker" getup.

Leann Rimes

This #tbt look includes everything '90s kids dreamed of, and blissfully leaves out the trauma that comes with. 

Jimmy Kimmel's Guillermo

Even Jimmy Kimmel Live! had to hype up the best security guard in the world. 

Zoey Deutch

We'd argue that she's actually a very likable female protagonist, but the look definitely screams otherwise. 

Maren Morris

Morris may just take home the gold for this trend with her "Lunatic Country Music Person" costume. 


The DJ may have gone a little too realistic with his "DJ Dip" look.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Meanwhile, Gellar took a more empowering approach, designating herself as the "Bad Bitch Female Protagonist." She may come with accessories, but they're not guaranteed!   

Kelly Ripa

Ripa channeled the Real Housewives of New Jersey for this one, and according to fans, she nailed it. 

Alyson Hannigan

The actress paid tribute to her Buffy the Vampire Slayer character—with impeccable style—and now we have to go watch re-runs asap. 

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