A Reba Divide Leads to an Epic Idol Play on 'Survivor 45'

The Final 7 of 'Survivor 45' compete in a challenge.

Drew said on this week's episode that a post-Bruce Survivor felt like a hinge in the game. The Rebas had accomplished a major feat, making up the majority in the Final Seven. But it was time for them to start seeing red, as they began to gun for each other as they sized up the endgame coming in less than a week. It all culminated in a huge Tribal Council, where a surprise idol play sent someone home with only one vote.

Check out more information about tonight's episode below and find out who was voted out.

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Who got voted off on Survivor 45 tonight?

Emily Flippen<p>Robert Voets / CBS</p>
Emily Flippen

Robert Voets / CBS

Emily Flippen

One vote. That's how long Emily was originally supposed to last on Survivor 45. After immediately rubbing the Rebas the wrong way with her blunt personality, she was granted a reprieve in the game. She made good on that second chance, making several key bonds and even one of the biggest moves of the season when she convinced Bruce not to play his idol. Unfortunately for Emily, that grew her threat level to make her a huge presence in the game, and the target of Dee and Julie. Luckily, she had Austin and Drew by her side, who protected her by putting forward a plan to pile all the votes on Julie. But unfortunately for Emily, Julie was tipped off by Dee and played her idol. And so, it came down to one vote, and Julie got her wish as Emily went home.

Were any advantages found or played on Survivor 45 tonight?

Yes! Julie played the idol that Austin gave her a couple of episodes ago. She nullified all the votes against her, sending Emily out with one single vote.

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Who's left in the game on Survivor 45?

Austin Li Coon

Dee Valladares

Drew Basile

Jake O'Kane

Julie Alley

Katurah Topps

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