The reason 'Flip or Flop' star Christina El Moussa still works with her ex is pretty relatable

If you’ve watched an episode of Flip or Flop, then you know nothing keeps Christina El Moussa from buying fancy bathroom tile or living room lighting — not even her house-flipping partner Tarek El Moussa.

The first seven seasons of the hit HGTV show were filled with jaw-dropping makeovers of dilapidated homes in sunny southern California, as well as heated disagreements the duo always seemed to resolve. But after the couple separated in December 2017 and finalized their divorce this past January, many fans were left wondering if this meant the end of Flip or Flop.

House-flippers turned exes Christina and Tarek el Moussa return to HGTV's
House-flippers turned exes Christina and Tarek El Moussa return to HGTV’s Flip or Flop for Season 8. (Photo: HGTV)

It turns out that not even a very public split can keep these exes from working together. The real estate pros went on to film 15 new episodes for the return of the series on May 31. They’ve also allowed cameras to capture even more of their trials and tribulations, according to Christina.

“I like the fact that it’s including a bit more of our real life, and the divorce was sort of like the elephant in the room,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I think sometimes it’s just hard to see us as real people and a real family dealing with struggles just like everybody else.”

Before their divorce, Christina admits that either she or Tarek “would’ve backed down a little easier” when arguing over cost or a design choice. She explains, “At the end of the day, we knew that we were still together and going home together … but we’re going to battle for our own choices now more than we used to.”

Viewers will see tensions come to a head, particularly on an episode highlighting their flip of a property overrun with rodents in an idyllic neighborhood that could rake in $600,000. Someone cue the eye rolls and walkouts!

Christina isn’t “going to let rumors or online trolls” define who she is. (Photo: HGTV)
Christina isn’t “going to let rumors or online trolls” define who she is. (Photo: HGTV)

With 12 years working side by side under their tool belts, Christina reveals that the reason why their business relationship is going full steam ahead is that they “have to go to work and support our kids.”

“I think working together comes easy because Tarek and I met at work,” she says. “No matter what, we have two amazing kids together, and we’ve talked about it. It just made sense for us to continue working together.”

According to Christina, having a “fun job” that they both love (plus the “amazing Flip or Flop crew”) really sets an example for other people that you don’t have to just quit working together after separating from your partner.

“Whether it’s a lot of rumors or paparazzi that show up, we continue to do it and show that we can make it work,” she says.

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