Reason Behind Older Dogs Staring at Their Owners Is Breaking Hearts

·2 min read

You'll need a tissue for this one.

As our pets get older, we try and cherish every last moment with them. And believe it or not, they're doing the same to us. That's why this video from TikTok user @kovubp hits us right in the feels. 

This unbelievably sad video, which has over 1.1 million views, taught us something that we've never known before. The text on the video says that dogs are intelligent enough to know when they're going blind. Ugh, that's so heartbreaking already. But what they do when they make that realization is what really broke us down. Grab a tissue for this one. 

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Ugh, we can't stop crying. Dogs always love being with their owners and the fact they know their time to see is nearing an end, we can't handle it. It's seriously too sad to even think about.  

"Omg don't make me cry!!" wrote @dillycarmel23. It's too late! We started and now we can't stop. @indiuhnoble said, "It’s even more sad when they go deaf they just think you’ve decided to not speak to them anymore 😭😭." Stop it! Hopefully, they know with all the extra petting that we love them unconditionally. 

@SavantMusic commented, "I had a blind dog for years, he could fetch still and was so loving. He walked into furniture on occasion as well which added to the laughs 😂." Aww! This is exactly what we needed to hear. Even if something happens to our fur besties, they still are so loving and just want us to be by their side. Which we will gladly do forever! 


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