Really? We're Talking About Gabby Douglas's Hair Again?

Photo: Getty Images

As the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio rev up, people around the world are finding something to talk about. But it has nothing to do with the all-star talent on their TVs. Gabby Douglas, the American gymnast who made history at the 2012 London Games, is facing backlash (yet again) for her hair. The 20-year-old gold medalist was at the center of a debate on Twitter during her last Olympic Games because of her gelled ponytail, which people called unkempt. And now that she dared to sweat during competition in steaming-hot Rio, she’s again facing the fury of critics who can’t seem to embrace her natural hair.

While this year’s uproar has been quickly shut down by the more sensible people on Twitter, there is still plenty of hate being spewed toward Douglas’s hairstyling. The controversy over her edges (naturally curly or coarse hairs that form along the hairline) is debatably the most irrelevant conversation about the Olympics thus far.

The lack of logic behind these complaints is quite comical, but luckily there are some Americans stepping in to defend our Olympian.

For the rest of the Games, we can only hope that both Douglas and world champion Simone Biles stay unbothered by the criticism.

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