Do You Really Need to Use an Eye Cream?

Or can you skip this part of your skincare routine?

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Budgeting for beauty products isn’t always easy. One way some of us choose to cut back on costs is to eliminate steps from our skincare routines. For example, maybe we skip that weekly sheet mask. Or perhaps we use the same moisturizer for daytime and nighttime. But do you really need an eye cream? Is this a product you can get away with skipping? Here’s what a skincare expert has to say.

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What’s the Difference Between Eye Cream and Face Moisturizer?

You wouldn’t use your body moisturizer on your face because it’s not formulated for that area, right? The same goes for using regular face moisturizer under your eyes. “Eye cream is more concentrated for the skin around the delicate eye area. It is usually heavily tested to ensure it doesn't irritate the eye area (even though it can still occur in rare moments). This product is formulated specifically for the eyes, and for concerns around the eye area, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness,” explains Gary Dickman, lead aesthetician at The OleHenriksen Face/Body Spa.

While regular face moisturizer might contain many of the same ingredients as eye cream, “Eye cream is specifically designed to cater to that specific part of your face," Dickman explains. "The eyes are very delicate and need to be treated as so. One might think 'moisturizer is moisturizer' but the eye area requires TLC with specific eye area-targeted products.”

The Eye Area Is Different From Other Parts of Your Skin

The area around the eyes has fewer oil glands than the forehead, nose, and chin, for example. So the skin is naturally drier and more delicate than the rest of the face. “A good eye cream, like VSOTO Skincare's soon-to-launch Exotic Pearl Eye Creme, helps to target very specific concerns, such as puffiness, dark circles, hydration, fine lines, and wrinkles,” Dickman says.

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What About Serums?

While you might be okay using regular serums under your eyes, some products could end up doing more harm than good. “Certain ingredients might be suitable on the face and neck while they might be irritating to the eyes. You want to look for products that are designed, tested, and formulated for the eyes. Plus, regular serums might contain powerful actives that could cause issues around the eyes.”

If your regular serum seems to be working fine under your eyes, you’re probably fine, but if you’ve been having issues like irritation or redness, you might want to explore using an eye serum in addition to your regular eye cream. Or just stop applying serum under your eyes altogether.

Do You Really Need to Use Eye Cream?

While some products can be skipped, Dickman doesn’t recommend leaving eye cream out of your regular skincare routine, even if you don’t think you really need it. “Find an eye cream you love and your eyes will love you back. Starting an eye cream ritual (and skincare in general) at a young age will be extremely beneficial in your more mature years.”

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