’Kay, So Here’s Who Won Joey Graziadei’s Season of ‘The Bachelor’

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Who Won Joey Graziadei’s Season (Allegedly!!!)Christopher Willard - Getty Images
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Been patiently waiting for Bachelor spoilers? Well, the time is nigh, especially because the season finale is upon us. But first! Let's take things back to November 2023, when Reality Steve dropped info about who won Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor and claimed it was none other than Daisy Kent:

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The longtime Bachelor Nation spoiler sleuth revealed this news on Instagram and wrote that Daisy, Kelsey Anderson, and Rachel Nance were Joey’s final three (and that Daisy and Kelsey were his final two after Rachel was eliminated during the fantasy suite episode).

All the Facts and Spoilers on Daisy Kent From Joey Graziadei's Season of 'The Bachelor'

Photo credit: ABC/Facebook
Photo credit: ABC/Facebook

Prepare to fall in love with Daisy.

Time for a Deep Dive on Kelsey Anderson From Joey Graziadei's Season of 'The Bachelor'

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Photo credit: ABC

Receipts, proof, timeline, screenshots, f**king everything lies within.

Curious About Rachel Nance From Joey's 'The Bachelor' Season? Spoilers and Details, Incoming

Photo credit: Rachel Nance - Instagram
Photo credit: Rachel Nance - Instagram

In case you need to know exactly how far she makes it!

According to Reality Steve’s ORIGINAL (and since corrected) post, Joey and Daisy reportedly “got engaged in Tulum, Mexico, at the end of the season.”

Fast-forward to February 20, 2024, and Reality Steve doubled down on his post about Daisy being the winner when he revealed, “Spoiler is still right. That’s never changed since Nov. 30th when I first posted. This has to do with what I heard about for the first time yesterday, and that’s the fact that I finally was able to hear what the gist was in regards to this ending that’s ‘unprecedented,’ and Joey has said has never happened before.”

Here Are the ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Still in the Running for Joey’s Heart

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Photo credit: Michael Kirchoff - ABC

Find out who remains on track to become Mrs. Graziadei.

Here's Everything You Need to Know About New Bachelor Joey Graziadei!

Photo credit: Christopher Willard - Getty Images
Photo credit: Christopher Willard - Getty Images

“How you doin’?” —me, unable to stop myself, every time Joey walks onscreen.

Behold: Joey Graziadei’s Final 3 From ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28

Photo credit: Joey Graziadei - Instagram
Photo credit: Joey Graziadei - Instagram

Reality Steve continues to provide for Bachelor Nation!!

BUT THEN!!!!! The next day (February 21), fan account @bachelornation.scoop dropped evidence suggesting Kelsey was actually Joey’s winner based on matching elements in their social posts:

Finally, on February 27, we seemingly got our answer: Joey is engaged to Kelsey A.!!!!! As Steve put it after confirming his initial spoiler about Daisy was incorrect, “Joey is engaged to Kelsey A. and has been since filming ended.”

“He had never picked Daisy and he’s been with Kelsey the whole time,” Steve added. “And that was confirmed when those pics got out last Tuesday night of Kelsey shooting a TikTok in the backyard of a Happy Couple house.”

As of *checks calendar* right TF now, Daisy and Kelsey are the final two ladies who are still in the running for the final rose, so... ^^^ all of this seems to check out after Kelsey left Joey that note.

Whelp. That’s that on that! We'll finally have full confirmation when the season finale airs tonight.

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