Reality of Setting Up a Christmas Tree with Cats Perfectly Depicted in Funny Video

Pavel Sepi/Shutterstock

As much as I adore the holidays, I'm genuinely surprised how early Christmas has taken over everything this year. It seemed like there were festive items on shelves before Halloween even passed, and I'm sure more people than ever will have Christmas trees on display by Thanksgiving.

For those with pets, though, it can be a bit tricky to care for a Christmas tree for weeks. Whether it's a real tree or a reusable faux tree, you have to keep it protected from lifted legs and curious noses. For some, though, it's impossible to keep animals away!

Just ask the owner of Nimbus the Siberian cat. This curious, long-haired kitty must share her love for the holidays because he couldn't keep his paws off the faux tree's box! Instead of shooing him way, @nimbus_siberian's owner decided to embrace his excitement and let him 'help' set up the tree.

LMAO! After I saw how wild Nimbus was acting, I wasn't so sure his owner would successfully set the tree up. Somehow, though, they got it looking great long before any destruction occurred. The curious kitty may have chewed on a few of the floor-level branches, but he left the vast majority of the reusable holiday tree untouched. Phew!

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In the comments, though, it's a different story. Many folks are sharing stories of naughty felines who knock over Christmas trees or chew on string lights.

"Last year, my kittens jumped on the branches until it completely broke, LOL," shared viewer @abbyhawryluk. Oh no! That's a very cute way to break a fake tree, but caring for kittens is expensive enough as it is.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your cat safe while around Christmas trees. Your best option, of course, is to keep your cat out of the room where your tree is, but this isn't always possible. For some nosy cats who can't climb, a baby gate will be enough to keep the cat away from the tree throughout the holiday season.

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