Real influencers and Parisians hate Netflix's 'Emily in Paris'

Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” is like a comfort food that’s trying to sell itself as a Gen Z version “Sex and the City” (it’s not). The show revolves around Emily (played by Lily Collins), who moves from Chicago to Paris and watches her Instagram explode to 25,000 followers. However, Instagram influencers are reportedly rolling their eyes at the portrayal of their industry. “People in Paris are really tired of this,” said Monica de La Villardière, a Canadian living in Paris. “She’s trying to find the easiest way to get more and more followers who respond to these kinds of clichés,” Lamia Laugh, another real influencer added. French media’s reviews of “Emily in Paris” are also relatively scathing for an easy binge Netflix series. French publication RTL wrote, “Rarely had we seen so many clichés on the French capital since the Parisian episodes of ‘Gossip Girl’”. A reviewer for Sens Critique added “The writers may have hesitated for two or three minutes to stick a baguette under each Frenchman, or even a beret to clearly distinguish them”