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'Real Housewives of New Jersey' stars Margaret Josephs & Dolores Catania tease dramatic Season 12

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Margaret Josephs and Dolores Catania have never been closer. Gibson Johns interviews the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" co-stars about all things Season 12, which premieres on Bravo on Tuesday, February 1. They discuss the impending drama surrounding Jennifer Aydin and her marriage, Dolores' blowup with Jackie Goldshneider, Jackie's unexpected bonding moment with Jennifer and, of course, Margaret's tense relationship with Teresa Giudice this season. They also talk about Margaret and Dolores' strong friendship, what makes this four-season cast work so well, whether they watched Teresa on "Ultimate Girls Trip" and more.

Video Transcript


GIBSON JOHNS: Hi, guys. Welcome back to We Should Talk, a pop culture interview series from In The Know. I'm your host, Gibson Johns. And this week on the podcast we have Margaret Josephs and Dolores Catania from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Season 12 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres on Tuesday, February 1st, at 8:00 PM on Bravo. And, you know, I interview a lot of housewives, but it's not every day that you get a two-on-one moment, especially in these Zoom days. So this is a really fun opportunity to talk to Margaret and Dolores together about season 12, about their friendship.

We really kind of touched on on everything that, I think, people are wondering about. You know, it's Teresa and Margaret, it's Teresa and Louie, it's Dolores and Jackie, it's the Jennifer Aydin of it all. You know, there's a lot in that trailer for this season, and it seems like it's going to be a wild season, and it was just really fun to talk to them. And they have such an amazing friendship and dynamic, and I think they see eye to eye on so many things. And there's even a point in this interview where I just kind of sit back and let them gush about one another for a couple of minutes, which was really fun to hear, honestly.

But yeah, they had some great answers in here and they are just such great, tough women. And I think they're both amazing on the show. And so it was, again, fun to talk to them both together. Keep listening for an interview with Dolores Catania and Margaret Josephs from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Tune in to the season 12 premiere of Real Housewives of New Jersey on Tuesday, February 1st, at 8:00 PM on Bravo. And please rate, review, and subscribe to We Should Talk on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.


GIBSON JOHNS: All right, so we are here with Margaret Josephs and Dolores Catania from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Season 12 is finally upon us, I feel like we've had to wait extra long this time. How are you guys, this is so fun.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Oh my God. Hi Gibson, this is so fun. I mean I'm great and I know Dolores is great too. How are you?

DOLORES CATANIA: So I-- I miss you, you know. So-- good, everything's good, we're great. I love your little heart shirt.

GIBSON JOHNS: Oh, thank you--

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Is that for us?

GIBSON JOHNS: --thank you so much. Yeah-- yes. I have all the love in the world for my Jersey girls, so.


GIBSON JOHNS: So, I mean like, again, like, I feel like we had to wait, like, a slightly extra long, this time, between seasons, it feel-- at least it feels that way. Are you you guys itching to get back out there and just, kind of, have it all air?


MARGARET JOSEPHS: Yeah, I'm-- I'm ready. It feels so long but I think this is the exact same time last year. I think we're even earlier than last year but it does feel like forever.

DOLORES CATANIA: COVID time. COVID times, everything seems longer with COVID time.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Yeah, when we're-- where we're staying and I--

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, it j--

MARGARET JOSEPHS: --think that-- everyone's right.

GIBSON JOHNS: --it just feels that way. It just feels that way. So for each of you, I mean the trailer alone is like, it's almost like a three minute long trailer, it is an action-packed trailer, what are each of you sort of most nervous to get into this season, for each of you?

DOLORES CATANIA: Go ahead Marge.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Um, I don't know if I'm nervous as much as, like, to relive all the insanity of-- you know, obviously I'm not getting along with Teresa. You know--



GIBSON JOHNS: --that's clear.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: --her sweep her hand across the table and knock over an entire meal and drinks upon me. You know, to relive all of that it's upsetting. You know, just because I really do care for Teresa and I-- and I do, you know, always-- I've always loved her, even though we are, obviously, not in a good place together right now. And I'm, you know, but-- and of course that, and obviously things happen with Jennifer. You know, just watching it all back. It's not nervous, it's just, you know, it's uncomfortable at certain moments.

GIBSON JOHNS: For sure. Dolores, what about you?

DOLORES CATANIA: So, the same thing with me. Much different than other seasons for me there's a lot of my personal story and it's pretty emotional and I do go through a lot this season. So I'm not used to sharing. Like, I'm usually very tough on the exterior and you don't see me cry. And, you know, I cried over my dog probably five seasons ago.


DOLORES CATANIA: That's the-- oh no, it was last year. But, you know, once before, it was always over a dog. And now you just see other things in my life. That I'm human and I and-- I do break down, I have my moments. So that's going to be hard for me because I have a tough reputation to keep, so.

GIBSON JOHNS: Let us in but not not too far in because we to-- we have to-- the Dolores we know and love. But I do want to ask right away because, I know, it's mentioned in the trailer and I just want to-- I'm curious, do you have a health-- health update on your Mom because it seems like something happens this season, and I just want to make sure she's OK.

DOLORES CATANIA: She is, she is. [INAUDIBLE] battle but it's everything that I've talked about in the past has caught up to her. It was almost like I've been warning her and you'll see the repercussion of her not listening to me and being healthy, so yeah.

GIBSON JOHNS: Got it. Well I'm glad to hear that and I'm glad that-- I'm interested to see, sort of, this kind of other side to you, Dolores. But I think I'm glad to hear that, ultimately, it all works out and ends up well. You know, I feel like one-- one unexpected moment from this trailer is, Jackie, sort of, being there one-on-one for Jennifer. Like like it seems like Jennifer--

DOLORES CATANIA: Yes, unexpected for me too.


GIBSON JOHNS: My question was going to be, were you guys as shocked to see that as I was? Because that seems to me like there was an impasse there but I guess we got we got past it there.

DOLORES CATANIA: And you're always on the money, I always love your take on things, I love it.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Yeah, it was-- it was surprising. But I think, you know, Jackie felt sorry for her, Jennifer was really hurting.

DOLORES CATANIA: You should want to be her friend, right, Marge? She tried to befriend her?

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Yeah, she wanted to befriend her, she did. She wanted to befriend-- she felt sorry for-- you know, she felt badly for her.

DOLORES CATANIA: [INAUDIBLE] this conversation, Gibson.

GIBSON JOHNS: Mm. So-- so do we-- the impression I'm getting, sort of from the start, I've watched the premiere, is that Jennifer-- there's an isolation of Jennifer happening, whether that's self-imposed, or just how she feels, or what happ-- she feels, kind of like, out out of the group. Is that an accurate sort of feeling that is out there?

DOLORES CATANIA: I think she feels isolate-- I mean, actions have repercussions and she feels isolated. Not we didn't-- no one isolated her, she isolated herself. And I think she felt bad about it. Everybody's welcome but, you know, there has to be-- everybody has to apologize, everybody has to own their own behavior, right? If you hurt somebody, you make up with them and don't you agree, Dolores?

DOLORES CATANIA: Yeah. No, like, listen if-- if I do something or I say something that causes-- there's a reaction to it, I have to say, listen, I earn that. I own it. And then it's done. Once you own something, you move on from it and it's over.


DOLORES CATANIA: Even with yourself. Maybe, the other people, it's not over with. But with yourself, when you say, yeah, I accept this. I did it, sorry.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: And really be sorry. I think that's what it is, to truly be sorry. You have to--


MARGARET JOSEPHS: [INAUDIBLE] be sorry and you have to realize there's a part in everything, and it takes two in every argument or whatever it is. But if you're truly sorry about something, everybody could come back together.

GIBSON JOHNS: Mmhmm. And I think also, you know, judging from the premiere, Margaret, you let, sort of, a big Aydin and family secret, kind of, slip out at Teresa's pool party, and it seems like there's sort of a ripple effect there, for Jennifer's marriage and relationship. And there's some struggles that are teased, sort of, in the trailer. What can you guys tell me about the direction that that goes? Because it seems like, again Jackie seems to be there for her in those moments, but, I don't know, that's a tough thing to put out there.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Um, I think-- I've known for a long time. I think-- I'm not-- I didn't-- I've mentioned it before, I've never really come out with it. I think I'm not one to deal well with hypocrisy. And tha-- I think that's really what it was. I think we left off terms very poorly last season and the way she had felt about me, and the way she's chastised me over the years for my behavior, and has put Bill on such a pedestal, who I adore by the way and I'm not judging him whatsoever, because life is very complicated. And I just want to make that very clear.

It was more her reaction towards me and the chastising of me. And I think that's what it was. I was j-- and I couldn't take the hypocrisy any longer. So I think it could have totally went a different way if she had come back and was very apologetic.

GIBSON JOHNS: Right. But like we saw in the reunion last year, she was kind of throwing-- throwing darts your way the whole time. And so--

MARGARET JOSEPHS: The whole way.

GIBSON JOHNS: --at some point they're going to come flying back, right.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: And I think it was just like--

DOLORES CATANIA: I think when we we stopped, like when it was on a break, it was still-- darts were flying. [LAUGHS]

GIBSON JOHNS: Right, totally. On Instagram and stuff like that.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Yeah it didn't end after that and I was like, all right. I was just like, you know what, I don't even know where this is coming from because you have the same crap in your life, so I don't even know what you're talking about. That's kind of the way I felt.


DOLORES CATANIA: You know, listen. Margaret is not someone who is going to let that go. I just--

GIBSON JOHNS: Totally. Yeah. And I think that makes sense. You know, it's like, you have to defend yourself at some point, you know what I mean?

MARGARET JOSEPHS: You can't get it from both sides. You can't-- it's the hypocrisy of it all. It wasn't like, I'm sorry, and you could say, you want your husband's backyard is your backyard, you share a backyard.

GIBSON JOHNS: Right, right. Dolores, I think, you know, another unexpected moment for me is you and Jackie, kind of, having-- it seems like you-- you go into it to a point where, like, you almost have to be pulled apart, which I don't think we've seen that from you two before. Like, what-- what leads up to that?

DOLORES CATANIA: So, on the heels of the conversation we just had without giving anything up, I just remember this conversation, Gibson.


DOLORES CATANIA: That's where--

GIBSON JOHNS: For that reason.

DOLORES CATANIA: --the fight comes from.

GIBSON JOHNS: OK. All right. I mean and I think--

DOLORES CATANIA: That was hypocritical for me and that was the anger that came out of, where I was coming from, and I was mad. Oh, Gibson.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Oh, she was mad.

GIBSON JOHNS: I can tell, I can tell, there was fire in those eyes.

DOLORES CATANIA: You know the whole funny thing is, of all times from me to wear the flattest sneakers, I came up to everybody's chest line that day. I had on a pair of Louis Vuitton sneakers, I just got them high tops and it was, like, a bar and I'm like, oh, I'm going to wear my sneakers today. And I'm like looking up. But, I never wear flats, by the way.

GIBSON JOHNS: Hey, that was-- your intuition was telling you something. [LAUGHS] But I think, honestly, what all these kind of things tell me is like, it's a reminder of just-- I mean, again, we have the same cast this year that we've had for the past, you know, three-- this is four seasons in a row, that we had the same exact cast. And, like, the-- the-- the, kind of, allegiances and the friendships. They're so fluid and that they're so unexpected, the different kind of fractures that happen each year. And I think one, it speaks to just the dynamic nature of this whole group together. But I also think it speaks to, like, your guys' ability to have a moment where you're maybe going head to head but then you get over it, or you apologize to one another and you work it out. Do you guys feel as though this group does that particularly well? Because that's what I think, that's my takeaway from, kind of, this-- this track record of the cast.

DOLORES CATANIA: I actually do, and I'm going to say it holds true to our character as the people that we are. Like, no matter what happens, when I'm sitting on that couch at the end of the season, what-- whoever's done to whoever and whatever has been said about me, or whoever or whatever. I always say that I wouldn't want to be sitting next to any other women in this life or in this franchise or in another place, because we all share the same heart, we really do.


DOLORES CATANIA: At the end of the day.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Yeah, I agree with that. I think we're an amazing group of women, though we all, you know, are very opinionated. If there was ever a crisis I know I can call any one of them. I mean, obviously I'm close with some of them, Dolores, we speak on the phone every single day, five times a day sometimes, but I'm very blessed to be with these women. We have great-- we have great bonds. I always say, when we're 75 years old we'll all be looking back at what an amazing experience and time this was for all of us.

GIBSON JOHNS: I'm sure. And there's a very small group of women who can really understand it. So I think that it's important for you guys to be able to see eye to eye at some moments, at some capacity. And I think that's nice.

DOLORES CATANIA: Make no mistake, we may not all like each other.



DOLORES CATANIA: That is a truth.


DOLORES CATANIA: It's not all-- say, she's my favorite person and I want to talk to her. But-- but there is a part of us that likes-- we all like each other the same.


DOLORES CATANIA: And when I noticed that, when I saw the heart of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, was when I held the event for the shelter and I had a beauty date for them?


DOLORES CATANIA: Every woman, each one of my friends, held a baby, changed the diaper, cried. Just like, they were so moved. And when I saw that kind of compassion, I looked at things a little bit differently, even deeper. I always knew it was there, but then I saw it like raw, you know.

GIBSON JOHNS: Mmhmm. That's as real as it gets, really. And if you can be there.

DOLORES CATANIA: That was it for me. And I'll never forget that. No matter what happens this season or next season or who says what or who takes me down, if anybody ever could, I'm just saying.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Yeah that's right.

GIBSON JOHNS: I'm not counting on it.


DOLORES CATANIA: I'll never forget what I saw that day.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, that's amazing.

DOLORES CATANIA: I'll always keep that in mind. And maybe I won't be so harsh.

GIBSON JOHNS: It's a good reminder to give yourself. So a big aspect of this season. I mean it's obvious, is Margaret and Teresa. I mean, we've seen you guys have moments before but this-- but you've always come back from that. And this feels-- not-- not to say you can't come back from this, but this just feels a little different, and a little bit more intensified, and maybe prolonged. This moment for you guys, Margaret,


GIBSON JOHNS: It-- does it feel different to you this time? Or like-- Yeah, yeah. What can you tell me about how-- how this is going to go and what we're going to see this season in that way?

MARGARET JOSEPHS: There's the man involved, right? This isn't-- this isn't girl drama. This is man drama. And I think I-- I want Teresa to be very happy. Regardless of what she thinks, I truly wanted her to be happy. But when there's a red flag, when there is something out there, I like to address things head-on. I want-- I think most people should, being in the public eye, address things head on and not pretend it's not happening. You know, some people don't feel that way, Teresa being one of them. And-- and I think she thinks I come from a different place, maybe she's used to people coming from a different place, I'm not that.

And at the end of the day, we-- we don't see eye to eye on certain things and she was very, very upset and then I got very upset with her because it just unraveled. I don't hold a grudge I can be very, very forgiving and make up with someone. I hope that she can see her way past this and we'll just see what happens. I mean, I think it's going to be a very long season.

GIBSON JOHNS: Mm-hmm. And she accused you of trying to pop her love bubble.


Do you think that she-- do you think that she is in a love bubble and sort of--

MARGARET JOSEPHS: No, I think it's a love bomb.

GIBSON JOHNS: Right. But-- but in almost a way where she's trying to sort of shield herself from any of those negative headlines that have come up about Louis or the video that is mentioned. Like, do you think there's-- and it makes sense, you're in sort of like a honeymoon phase with some blinders on.


GIBSON JOHNS: But do you think that that's sort of the situation with Teresa?

MARGARET JOSEPHS: That she's just-- yeah, I understand that. But I think at a certain age, that's acceptable when you're 25 years old, that's not acceptable when you're hitting 50.

GIBSON JOHNS: Mmhmm. So, Dolores--

MARGARET JOSEPHS: That's my opinion.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, for sure. And you're entitled to it.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Dolores, I tell her the way-- her and I, I'm very honest with everything I feel about our relationship. I think that's the way you have to be. I think at a certain age you just have to be very real with yourself.


DOLORES CATANIA: I understand that. But I also know I'm looking from where she's come from, Teresa. What she-- and you know she's very-- she is in love with him.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Oh yeah, for sure, she's in love with him, for sure.

DOLORES CATANIA: I can understand wanting that-- wanting to say, well that doesn't bother me. Maybe it would have never bothered her, Gibson.


DOLORES CATANIA: Maybe what bothers-- what would bother Margaret wouldn't bother, you know, her or whatever. So I understand it, you know. A relationship is between two people, you'll never really know the true dynamics of what's going on. We as outsiders can look at it and say, oh it looks good or it looks bad. But behind closed doors, who really knows, you know?


DOLORES CATANIA: I do think she's very, very happy with him. I don't think she gives two craps about anything in the past. And, I mean, that's good for her. If that works for her, then it works for her and I'm happy for them.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, and I think it's-- it's honestly just shows two different approaches to, I think, some--

DOLORES CATANIA: It's two totally different approaches.

GIBSON JOHNS: Exactly. Yeah. And they're going to come to a head. But, Dolores, I'm curious for you, because I mean, Margaret-- you and Margaret have gotten closer and closer every year it seems. I mean, I've been interviewing guys for years now, and it seems like every year you get closer. Does this put you in a precarious position because you are so close to both of them? Or no?

DOLORES CATANIA: No because I wouldn't tolerate that. And people who are my friends aren't like that. Like if Margaret was friends with somebody that I was not getting along with--


DOLORES CATANIA: --be like, oh did you-- if it comes up, I'm like, oh, Margaret, she's a f-- I can't swear on here, so. I feel like I'm-- going to be like, I know, I know, I know. But you know.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: We're not like that.

DOLORES CATANIA: At this point--


DOLORES CATANIA: We're totally fine. Teresa, she's never been one to say who anybody could be. Like I just want to take it. And I wouldn't tell her who to be friends with. When I didn't get along with Danielle she was friends with her. I was like, good luck, have fun with that. And, whatever.


DOLORES CATANIA: You don't have to be a part of it.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah. And I think that's true of, you know, Margaret and Dolores, both your friendship together. It's sort of like, I think of where you guys-- Margaret when you came on to the show, where you guys were. You know, there have been sort of people along the way. I think of Ziggy and I think of Danielle, who could have gotten in the way of you guys, but you didn't let that-- [INAUDIBLE]

MARGARET JOSEPHS: No, no. Well, Dolores and I are very both mature women and we have a very similar perspective on life, and I think that's why we get along so well. And, you know, we could see past a lot of nonsense and we're not going to let anybody interfere. We have a lot of similar views on many, many things. [LAUGHS]

GIBSON JOHNS: I love it. I love it. What do you-- what do you love both about one another? Like what's your favorite thing about one another, because I have you both. I want you guys to--

MARGARET JOSEPHS: I can't even say just one thing. I mean, besides the fact that Dolores is so generous, so generous, compassionate. I mean, charitable, you know, but she does it. And she doesn't put it out there. People don't even know, she doesn't need to be recognized. That's the whole thing, Dolores doesn't need the praise and doesn't need to be recognized for everything that she does. And that's what's so beautiful about her. As beautiful as she is on the outside, her insides are just as magnificent, and that's-- and she's such a good mother and-- she's just, everything about her so great, I love her. I know I could call her any time of the day and she'll listen. And she's just an all-around just wonderful person. But that's what's so amazing. I think people don't realize how much she actually does for everyone else because she doesn't need the accolades and that's what's so wonderful about her.

DOLORES CATANIA: So I could say that everything the same about her. But as a friend, you know, there's a lot. I don't-- I wouldn't ask certain people for things, I would just do it myself. I know that I could call Margaret. And even, like, I probably until yesterday, or even recently, she never says no to any of her friends. She has friends for over 30 years, she's got such a good heart, she takes people in. I love sitting back and watching her life. I like the dynamics of her life, how she multitasks. She's--


DOLORES CATANIA: [INAUDIBLE] this. She's a-- she's a pitbull but she's got a heart of gold. And it's not like-- usually it doesn't come hand in hand. So I get-- I just enjoy her eccentric taste and how funny she is, and witty. And she's witty and we have, like, an old Hollywood-- kind of like-- like she could say something and I get it. And we can't bounce a lot of that stuff off of other people.

GIBSON JOHNS: Totally. Only you two get it.

DOLORES CATANIA: Yes we get it. And we could talk about like-- like who else would know Carol Burnett or something like that.


DOLORES CATANIA: We can talk about anything and it just flows. And, I mean, here, I called Joe the other night, they were laying in bed, it was cold in my house, he came, my pipes were going to freeze, he fixed it, you know.


DOLORES CATANIA: He was on the way, in the car to come over. Like, you know, it's unbelievable to me and--


DOLORES CATANIA: --never says no, she never says no.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: We're just so close, you know, we have that relationship. I call Gabby, her daughter, I'm like, what should I do she's itchy and give her half a Claritin. It's like we're just-- we have an amazing bond. Like it doesn't matter what time of night it is, we'll call each other. It's-- we're very blessed that way.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah and listen to-- but listening to both of you speak about one another, you're right in that. Like, a lot of those qualities could be applied to either of you, you know what I mean? And I think that-- that really does speak to your connection. I think that's-- it just-- I think it's one of my favorite friendships, sort of, on-- on Housewives, in general. It's-- it's fun. I think it's really fun.

DOLORES CATANIA: We weren't really friends. It was like an like a quiet start. [INAUDIBLE] the [INAUDIBLE] thing, and I always say this, and she called me to give me the heads up that someone was being disloyal to me. That had nothing to do with the show but she had heard through the grapevine that somebody was explaining to me. And I never forgot it and I was like, wow, she just went out of her way to call me and tell me something about someone. She goes, listen, we're not friends but you should know this because this is wrong. Margaret will step up when somebody is doing the wrong thing. And I will tell you this, I had friends that are closer to me, that knew it, that didn't tell me. So that, for me, till the day I die.

GIBSON JOHNS: It wasn't for the camera, it was just for you. Right, exactly.

DOLORES CATANIA: Old school, I'm old school, I'll be like 90 years old and still tell that story. That's my biggest thing.

GIBSON JOHNS: That's amazing.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: But that is true. And I feel like Dolores is the exact same way and it is true. It's like, even if I-- and I love Dolores and I always did like her, regardless of the city, I knew that we could be very close and it obviously worked out. But even with anybody else if I see an injustice and I can't even stand the person, I will stand up for it, you know what I mean?


MARGARET JOSEPHS: And it doesn't have to be-- and I don't think everybody's that way. And Dolores is the exact same way. When she says it's-- she stands up for what's right. And I think we both do.

GIBSON JOHNS: Well, this is a love fest right now and I love it.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: A love fest! We love each other.

GIBSON JOHNS: You know it doesn't seem like-- I mean, it seems like you guys have a lot of fun. But in Nashville, it's-- Nashville seems like it's going to be like a trip of all trips almost. Where does it rank and-- where does it rank, relative to past trips, for you guys?

DOLORES CATANIA: I'd say it's number one.


GIBSON JOHNS: In terms of the drama and the fi-- everything? Or?




GIBSON JOHNS: What about-- what about that-- what about it, down there, really got you guys? I mean, it seems like the energy that I'm getting from that footage is different.

DOLORES CATANIA: Yeah it's different all right.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: I don't know, it's like Nash Vegas. Nashville is like Nash Vegas, it's it's glamorous, it's country, everybody was together. It was the dram-- there was just so much going on. We had Tracy and Tiki there, it was just everything, right Dolores?

DOLORES CATANIA: Yeah, so Frank and I have a moment there, too. Which is surprising and not something you're used to. It's like a little bit of a change in dynamics.



DOLORES CATANIA: It was a shocker, you know. But it's-- it's like a cathartic moment.


DOLORES CATANIA: So, you'll see.

GIBSON JOHNS: Interesting. Yeah. Well, Dolores, I feel like I'm just going to ask one question about this because it's always a hot topic for you. You know, I think last we heard you were dating somebody new and so I would just love for you to just update quickly on your love life, whatever you're comfortable sharing, because I know--


GIBSON JOHNS: It's pretty new. Yeah.

DOLORES CATANIA: I'm just going to leave it as is. I'm very happy.

GIBSON JOHNS: Good. I think that's honestly, at the end of the day, that's what everyone wants for you. Because I know you've got a lot of questions about it but it's always from love, you know what I mean? I think that--

DOLORES CATANIA: I understand. I know and I understand and so, yeah.


DOLORES CATANIA: I can only just say I'm very happy.

GIBSON JOHNS: That's all I that's all I need to hear, so. [LAUGHS] So, I'm curious, did either of you guys watch Girl's Trip? The Ultimate Girls Trip show that was on Peacock?

DOLORES CATANIA: I didn't. I don't have--



GIBSON JOHNS: OK, well I'm just curious because on that show, you know, one, I would love to see both of you on that show eventually on-- on a subsequent season. Because I think that it shows-- it's an opportunity for you guys to show a different side to yourself that, like, it's not necessarily the role that you're playing on your respective franchise. And I think with Teresa we saw that a lot. Like, I think we saw her relating to other women from other franchises in a different way.

And one thing that she said on-- on the show, that I'm just wondering what your response to it is, is that, like, that was the first time that she has ever enjoyed filming a show, is what she said. And that she actually had fun. And I'm curious what you guys think, as her longtime co-stars, and cast members, and friends. Of, like, her, kind of, having that different experience on that show.

DOLORES CATANIA: She's always said that. Always. She's always said that she didn't enjoy it.



DOLORES CATANIA: Yeah, that's for her.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: You know, she uh--

DOLORES CATANIA: I didn't watch it, so Margaret can probably--

MARGARET JOSEPHS: You know what, I won't-- I think that show was a lot more about fun.


MARGARET JOSEPHS: She's not bonded with those women, the way she is with us, the relationships aren't as personal. So of course it was surface bullshit. [LAUGHS] So of course, it was.

DOLORES CATANIA: That's easy to do, I'll fight with somebody.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: It's easy to do--

DOLORES CATANIA: And that's funny.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: It's easy. It's-- it's more, surface to the fact is-- is just like, you're just getting to know everybody. It's not going to be-- it's-- it's 8 days away. It's-- it's not these lifelong relationships--


MARGARET JOSEPHS: --where it really hurts and it's really fun. So of course it's painful. It's painful for her to film this show because it's her family, it's her lifelong friends, it's relationships that really mean something.

GIBSON JOHNS: It's not going to be as easy breezy.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: It's not going to be as easy breezy. Hey listen, I love it and it's painful, and it's also painful for me. It's-- it's heaven and hell for everybody.

GIBSON JOHNS: But ultimately, I'm assuming you guys, ultimately you guys enjoy it and that's what keeps you going.



MARGARET JOSEPHS: Of course. It's a amazing platform. Right?


DOLORES CATANIA: I would not trade it for anything.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: No, we're blessed.

DOLORES CATANIA: [INAUDIBLE] days, Gibson. I-- I thank God for this job every day, I don't take it for granted. You know and it is what it is. But--



MARGARET JOSEPHS: It is and it's-- and you know it brings amazing things and I've met amazing people along the way and lifelong friends and I think we're very, very lucky.

GIBSON JOHNS: Definitely. Um, so to rounding it out, I mean we have this full 12th season ahead of us. But I feel like there-- I'm curious, because again I have both of you and this is rare to have two of you together in the interview setting like this, especially over Zoom. You know, I feel like there are certain things that have followed Housewives of New Jersey or like around. Either like fan opinions on it or misconceptions about the group or what have you. What are-- it's like for each of you, something that you get frustrated by, that-- that you always hear from fans, either about you, or the show, or the group, or somebody else in your group that you don't agree with? Or-- is there something out there that you--

MARGARET JOSEPHS: I know what it is about me. I know what it is about me.


GIBSON JOHNS: What is it?

MARGARET JOSEPHS: About my-- my kids have nothing to do with me, I'm not a good mother. I choose not to put my kids on there, my son is here all the time. Dolores knows it, right?




MARGARET JOSEPHS: Because I keep my children private, people don't see me as a Mother. So they they always think that I can't comment on motherhood, I can't-- I have kids. And my kids are my entire life. And my son, my biological son, is the youngest one. So he's here all the t-- is my entire life. So I'm very much a mother and people don't see that and that drives me absolutely crazy. So like your kids have nothing to do this. I was like, you have no idea. And that's what--


MARGARET JOSEPHS: You know but that I choose to keep private.

GIBSON JOHNS: Totally. But, yeah, but that's something that keeps popping up. You're just like. MARGARET JOSEPHS: Oh it pops up.

GIBSON JOHNS: And you've said the same thing to me before, Margaret, it's like people can't take-- for some reason they don't want to hear that, you know, which is just silly.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Yes. Yeah, it pops up endlessly.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah. How would you describe this season, compared to past seasons? Again, it seems like it's going to be a doozy, but I want you guys-- I don't want to put words in your mouth.

DOLORES CATANIA: Now I mean, I just it's amazing it's-- it's like a lot of visceral emotion. And it blows up. I mean, it's not just like one fight that everybody take-- we all have our moments. And-- and the difference in opinions, which I-- I-- I'm going to see is that, the whole Bravo family, the whole franchise, like, people that, like, watch it in groups and things like that, they're going to pick sides. They're going to say, they're going to agree with each and every one of us because we have such a difference of opinion on everything.


MARGARET JOSEPHS: I think this season is very-- I think it's very emotional and very deep. And I think it's-- I think people are going to really relate to it. I think it's going to affect you know. I think it's going to have people look at their own relationships and what they would do and really see things in a different light. I think it's explosive, I think it's emotional, I think everybody runs the gamut of emotion. You know and I think that's really what-- it's such a roller coaster ride, it really is.

GIBSON JOHNS: Well I'm ready to go on that ride you guys, so. [LAUGHS]

MARGARET JOSEPHS: It's the cyclone, we're in Brooklyn and it's the cyclone, right?

DOLORES CATANIA: Oh that's a good one, yeah.

GIBSON JOHNS: I love it. Well, Dolores and Margaret, thank you so much for taking the time to talk. This was so much fun. I love both of you and I'm excited for everyone to get to see this premiere because it's a great start to the season.

MARGARET JOSEPHS: Thank you love you, Gibson.

DOLORES CATANIA: I love seeing you thank you.

GIBSON JOHNS: Bye guys. Thanks for tuning in to We Should Talk. I hope you enjoyed the interview. You can find out more about In The Know at InTheKnow.com. You can follow me, Gibson Johns, @GibsonOma on Twitter and Instagram, and you can listen to all of our interviews, past and future, by searching We Should Talk wherever you get your podcasts. Hope to see you next time.