'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star Shereé Whitfield reacts to critiques of SHE by Shereé launch

Shereé Whitfield finally delivered what the people wanted: SHE by Shereé! Gibson Johns interviews the original "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member about returning once again for Season 14, how her experience this season compared to her past stints on the show, which former Housewives she might want to see come back to the show next season, her thoughts on getting seated next to Andy Cohen at the reunion and more. They also talk extensively about her releasing SHE by Shereé into the world after 14 seasons, the critiques of her launch concerning price and similarities to clothing on SHEIN, the mental rollercoaster of trying to get the brand off the ground and more.

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GIBSON JOHNS: Hi, guys. Welcome back to "We Should Talk," a pop culture interview series from "In The Now." I'm your host, Gibson Johns. And this week on the podcast we have Sheree Whitfield, an OG cast member from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," also, important to say, the founder of SHE buy Sheree, which is now available for purchase online.

And yeah, I was really happy to get some time with Sheree at the end of this season. Because, even though she-- it was a big return for her and I couldn't talk to her at the beginning, you know, the season ended with a bang for her.

She finally had a fashion show with fashions. She made SHE by Sheree available online in conjunction with the finale. And there's also been a lot happening online and feedback and criticism about SHE by Sheree since that finale aired and since the reunion filmed.

So she had some questions that I think people wanted answers to. And I tried to ask them those questions. You know, I asked her about the high prices. I asked her about the similarities and design with some of the-- with that sweatsuit on SHEIN, SHE-IN, I don't know how to pronounce it.

And she actually had some pretty good explanations. So I'll let her kind of speak to those in her own words as you watch this interview. But yeah, it was a great interview. We talked a lot about SHE by Sheree.

And we also talked about what the season could look like next, what the cast could look like next season, who she wants to come back, you know, Porsha or Kim, or somebody like that. She had some-- she-- there's obviously one person who she does not want to come back. I personally want the entire cast to come back.

I think there's something to be said about the-- a cast kind of settling in with one another, especially with new additions. Like, give them some time to feel it out and like, change up their lines and whatnot.

So it was a great interview with Sheree and I always love getting time with her. And again, I'm just really proud of her. I genuinely am really happy that she has had SHE by Sheree come to fruition. And I think that there's more to come from her.

So keep listening for my interview with Sheree Whitfield. Tune in to "Real Housewives of Atlanta," Sundays at 8:00 PM on Bravo. The reunion is still coming. And please rate, review, and subscribe to "We Should Talk" on Apple Podcasts, YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts.


All right. So we're here with Sheree Whitfield, OG of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," but perhaps most importantly right now, the founder of SHE by Sheree, which is available online. It is out. She's wearing it for us today. Sheree, thanks for being here.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Oh, absolutely Thanks for having me.

GIBSON JOHNS: How are you?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: I'm exhausted.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, I'm sure.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: I'm good. I'm good. But I'm so tired. I'm elated. You know, it's been-- it's been a lot. It's been a lot. But I can't complain. God is good.

GIBSON JOHNS: So, I mean, I just want to congratulate you, first of all, I mean, like, I've been watching "Atlanta" since the first season was on 14 years ago. And I-- I've-- I've been one of those people who's been on that journey with you.

And it just-- it makes me really proud of you to just like to-- I know it's been a saga and I know there's been a lot of naysayers and setbacks, and all these things, but you did it. You know what I mean. And nobody can take that away from you.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Thank you so much. Thank you. I've been getting a lot of that. I think a lot of people were rooting for me, but, of course, you got a lot of the haters. But it feels good to finally bring it to fruition. You know, like you said, it's been 14 seasons, 14 long years.

GIBSON JOHNS: So does it-- is it-- has it like, sunk in that-- that it's out there? Like, when do you think it's going to click for you that, OK, like, now we're in the next stage of this-- of this brand that you started.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: I know. I don't think it's completely sunken in yet. I think that-- I don't know. It may be a few more weeks, it may be a few more months. But I feel like, you know, I feel really good about everything that's going on with it right now.

And even with the site crashing, and, you know, us getting-- you know, having to move the website to a whole 'nother posting and just recreating a whole new website in three days just so we can make sure we have it up the second week--


SHEREE WHITFIELD: Just-- like, I haven't really had time to like, sit back and like, OK, I really freaking did this [BLEEP]. Like, I finally did it. I haven't had that moment yet.

GIBSON JOHNS: Well, I think it's, one, I think that you're-- you're so-- yeah, you're so in it right now. You're-- you're addressing things. And that's only natural for when you're launching something new, for there to be, you know, little things that you need to fix. And I mean, a website crashing, is it-- it's a bad problem to have, but it's also a good problem to have. You know what I mean?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Yes, it's a great problem.

GIBSON JOHNS: It means that there's a lot of interest. So, you know, I'm-- I'm--

SHEREE WHITFIELD: It's just the love, yeah.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah. So in that final build-up when the season was airing, and and, you know, it was-- the mid-season trailer was all based around the fashion show, the finale was all based around the fashion show, the episode titles were alluding to the fashion show, there was a lot of, kind of in that final push, a lot of build-up, but also a lot of support in that build-up, I think. Did you feel that as the-- the final days were coming, like that-- OK, people are in your corner?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: I did. I did. And I felt really good about that, that they were supportive. And I've had so many fans have been so super supportive. Like, every time I tried, I'm like, OK, I'm not doing SHE by Sheree anymore. I'm done, I'm fed up, it's been, you know, too many headaches, too many ups and downs, people, they bring it back alive.

They're like, no, SHE by Sheree. Like, I'm out. They're like, hey, SHE by Sheree. Where's SHE by Sheree? They still wanted it. And that makes me feel-- that's what kept me going. Because I would have quit a long time ago, to be honest.

So to have that support from the fans, and also my friends, the girls, it really, really-- and Andy, oh, my gosh, Andy Cohen. I cannot say enough how he has been in my corner, super supportive of She by Sheree from day one.

GIBSON JOHNS: Oh, that's so nice to hear. That really is.


GIBSON JOHNS: And so-- so you said that you-- you would have quit a while ago. Was-- were there moments where you were like, OK, I'm just pulling the plug on this and it's just not going to happen?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Yes, several times. Several times. It's not like me-- when we talk about 14 years, we joke about 14 years.


SHEREE WHITFIELD: It's not like I tried to do this for 14 years. You know, I may try it for a little while. And then once I get, you know, I run into people over-promising me. Then I-- you know, I run into people who are you know, saying that they can have this done in this amount of time.

And then when that doesn't happen, we're six months behind, we're eight months behind. I'm like, OK, I'm not doing it. I've put a lot of money into this. And I've lost a lot of money over the years because I have tried to really put it together, and just got disappointed a lot of times.

So I'll stop. I'd work on something else. I worked on a house. You know, I continued to raise my kids. And you know, life happens and different things like that. And then, I'm like, you know what, I keep hearing people talk about SHE by Sheree. I'm like, OK, I'll try it again. And then over the years, if you remember, in the beginning, I was trying to do more ready-to-wear--


SHEREE WHITFIELD: Which is a little more, you know, dressy. And then over the years, I would-- I like to be comfortable. I still want to be sexy. I still want to be cute. But I want to be comfortable.

And fitness is a huge part of my life. So I changed the line to athleisure. So it was like in, out, in, out, in, out. But people wouldn't let me escape it. And I'm happy they didn't, because they really held my feet to the fire.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, that was the time I --

SHEREE WHITFIELD: [INAUDIBLE] and resilient, you know?

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah. 100%. But that was my next question for you, was like, I think that there was this-- there was this external pressure because of what had happened in that first go-around.

And I was wondering if what-- obviously, again, it wasn't like it was like 14 consecutive years of like, every day trying to make it happen, it wasn't like that. But what was that journey like for you mentally, because I feel like-- I feel like it must have been hard to know like there were these people who are always thinking about, OK, where is the SHE by Sheree?

And there was probably, kind of like-- there were people who weren't in your corner, who like, kind of were enjoying watching it not happen. Like, there was probably people--


GIBSON JOHNS: You know what I mean? Like-- so what was it like for you ment-- like, over the years, to-- it was a roller coaster, I'm sure. But--

SHEREE WHITFIELD: It was a roller coaster, for sure. Even-- you know, even with all the naysayers and you know, you had people that were happy. You also had people who are hating and hating and just all the shade. It gets a lot. It's a lot.

And it's very draining. And it's very disappointing that, you know, I'm not the only one who ever had a dream. I'm not the only one who ever took a while to let some-- make something come to fruition.

I think I was just reading something that Thomas Edison-- you know, he tried to create these lights and it took them 3,000 times before he actually got it right. They act like I am the only one who's ever had a dream, who's ever, you know, wanted to create something, that it just took a while.

And life happens. People-- you know, I'm not consistently working on this. I got other things that are going on. And then with that negativity, it's just-- it's a lot.


SHEREE WHITFIELD: It's a lot. Instead of cheering, you know, cheering people on and cheering women on, or saying can do it or, you know, take your time, and-- or maybe offering, you know, oh, I know a good production manager, I know-- you know, anything like that. It's-- the negativity is what unfortunately seems to overshadow anything else.

GIBSON JOHNS: Totally. But it-- but also, I'm guessing that some of that negativity, some of those naysayers, some of the hate that you are getting, also might fuel you, right?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: It was the push.

GIBSON JOHNS: Exactly. Exactly.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Yeah, absolutely. Then we'll get a push. Absolutely.


SHEREE WHITFIELD: But what was it? It was the second before, let my haters be my motivators. Yes, for sure.

GIBSON JOHNS: There we go. There we go. So Sheree, I did want to give you the floor, because I think, you know, obviously, again, talking about haters, since the launch, there's been certain kind of things that people have been critiquing SHE by Sheree on. And I just want to give you the floor to address some of them.

Because I think that, like, I'm sure you have answers for them and I'm sure you've seen some of this stuff. How do you respond to people who say the prices are too high?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: The prices are too high. OK, I know they talked about a t-shirt. So a-- t-shirts, we're offering two prices. And it's a scroll down, it's a drop down. I guess a lot of people-- somebody texted me last night, hey, we're clicking on this t-shirt and it says one price. And then it's giving us another price.

It's a dropdown where I am physically hand signing every t-shirt. When they say they want Sheree's signature, they're getting my signature. They're not getting a print.

They're not getting something the screen printed, that's already on the t-shirt. They're giving me, actually, taking my time, my energy, to sign the t-shirt, or t-shirt or sweatshirt, or whatever it is.


SHEREE WHITFIELD: And that's not free.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah. No, exactly.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: You can buy this--

GIBSON JOHNS: That's an add-on, baby.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: That's an add-on, honey. If you want the t-shirt without that-- without that, then you can get it. And that's one price. But for me to actually sit and I put my love and, you know, sign my name, that's time. Time is money.

GIBSON JOHNS: Mm-hmm. And there are also-- in the new website launch, I feel like there's also it's more-- it's more-- it's easier to see it. There are also lower price items, too. You know, there are water bottles. There are other things that aren't the clothes. You know what I mean?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Yeah. We wanted to, you know, make sure we have something for everybody. So we got a lot of merch. We got merch. We got, you know, some-- a lot of the custom design pieces that are on the show.

And this is just the beginning. These are-- this is the first drop. So we'll continue to build and, you know, drop new items, new things, throughout, you know--

GIBSON JOHNS: Right. I'm sure.


GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah. There's more to come. Right.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: There is absolutely more to come.

GIBSON JOHNS: What do you make of the comparisons to this one sweatsuit that somebody saw on SHEIN or SHINE, I don't-- I don't know how to pronounce it.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: I don't either.

GIBSON JOHNS: And you guys alluded to that with a discount code. But what do you-- what do you make of that?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: You know what, I guess we're all-- I've gotten a good production management. And they're-- you know, they came up with the idea to maybe incorporate some other pieces that-- you know, a few other pieces with my custom pieces that we'll offer different price points for different people.

And everybody won't like-- I'm in a crop top right now. Everybody can't wear-- you know, won't wear a crop top, so incorporating other merch into the line. I'm not designing everything. I don't design hats. I don't design, you know, things like that.

So all I can say is that, apparently, SHEEN or SHAYEN or whatever, they shop at the same--


SHEREE WHITFIELD: Production-- no, not production--

GIBSON JOHNS: It's like-- it's like a licensed design, right?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: It's like a private label.

GIBSON JOHNS: It's like a licensed design. Yeah.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: And this is a private label. Yeah. But shame on that private label for selling-- anything that you sell to-- Ho-- what's the big one, Fashion Nova or SHEIN, you shouldn't sell to anybody else.


SHEREE WHITFIELD: Because they get to buy it in--

GIBSON JOHNS: To big, fat fashion places. Yeah.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Yeah. Huge volumes. Yeah.

GIBSON JOHNS: Right. But the difference is that you have your own logo on that, right. Exactly.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Yeah, but you know what, this isn't the first time that this has been done. I don't understand why people hold me to a different, you know, degree than everybody else.

Any of these online boutiques, any of these-- a lot of these stores you go to, a lot of designers, it's called private label. They're not necessarily designing every garment in their line. And some are not designing any of them, you know?

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah. It's interesting because, actually--

SHEREE WHITFIELD: But private label's been around forever. Even--


SHEREE WHITFIELD: --the cosmetics.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, I know. It's so-- it's so-- it's so common. It's-- actually, a similar thing played out on "Real Housewives of Dubai" in the reunion. It was a-- somebody licensed a dress design and it had been seen somewhere else, or whatever. So it's a very common practice that-- you're not the only one-- like, you're not the only brand doing that. Exactly.



SHEREE WHITFIELD: Yeah. We wanted to make sure we had something for everybody.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah. So so-- expanding beyond SHE by Sheree, I mean, this season marked the start of your third stint on "Real Housewives of Atlanta." And you know, obviously, you're an OG, so you've seen the different iterations of this show over the years.

And so I'm wondering what, from your perspective, what was this return like, compared to past ones? What-- was what was this how does this season compare to your past experiences on the show now that you're at the end of it?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: I will say, first of all, coming back, being asked to return three times-- it's been more, but, you know, I turned some of them down-- but three times I made history. No-- it's not been done.

And it was important to me returning that we kind of get back to where the "Housewives" started, originated. Because I felt like it tapered away from that a long time ago. And they were in agreement. So for me, coming back this season was-- it was actually amazing.

I think the dynamics with the girls was great. We were able to have fun. I mean, of course, we have our shade, but we were able to laugh and have a good time and kind of get back to the old days.

GIBSON JOHNS: So-- so for you, when you say getting back to the old days, you mean having more fun, and not being as like, dark drama? Is that-- is that what you--



SHEREE WHITFIELD: Yeah, I think people-- of course, people want drama. Drama sells. They want drama. You're going to get drama--

GIBSON JOHNS: Of course.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Because you got dynamic women who have strong personalities. We're not always going to get along. So you're going to get that drama. And then, you know, people have their own personal drama. I think with me, this season,

I had a lot of personal drama, you know, really trying to get SHE by Sheree off the ground, but also my personal drama with my relationship. So you'll get that. But also, people want to see us having fun and laughing and being able to-- being-- you know, showing that we're friends and able to get past some things.

GIBSON JOHNS: Mm-hmm. And what about the reunion? I feel like-- I've always said that nobody does a reunion quite like the "Atlanta" ladies. And this first part was great. What-- what-- did this reunion feel like reunions of past have felt, or is there-- has that evolved as well?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: When I tell you, I've never been happy about a reunion-- going into reunion. I've never been comfortable. But for some reason, this-- my season, I felt really good about it. I was able to stand in it and be proud of it, you know.

And in the past, I didn't feel that. I felt a calm. I wasn't anxious. I wasn't nervous. I didn't have anxiety, nervousness, or any of that, going to the reunion this time. And that is a first for me. And I don't know if anybody would ever say that, period.

GIBSON JOHNS: I mean-- I mean-- but I feel like-- I feel like part of the season for you, Sheree, was-- I mean, you took back your power in your love life. You refuse to be treated less than you should be treated.

And you also were victorious in bringing your brand to fruition. So that-- did that-- that must have played into that, to that kind of ease that you were feeling.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Yeah, it totally played into it. I felt like, definite-- first of all, being able to complete SHE by Sheree, have an amazing fashion show, have everybody's support and love, and that was incredible.

But also, like you said, being able to be open and honest and be vulnerable about my personal life in the relationship that, you know, a lot of people wouldn't normally want to talk about. I talked about it. I showed it. But I overcame it. And like you said, I figured out my worth.

GIBSON JOHNS: And-- and I-- it's interesting, because the moment where you were in Philadelphia and you were stood up on-camera, that, I think so many other people would have reacted in a different way than what you reacted to.

But you reacted in such a-- like, you were to so real about it. And you didn't shy away from your feelings being really hurt by that. And-- and I don't know. It was something that Sonja said on the reunion, which is like, you just like, you don't let-- you do let things roll off your back, but you also like, I don't know, you bring us in in a different way than I think a lot of other "Housewives" maybe don't.

And I don't know. I feel like, that's why I'm so glad that you're back on the show. Because you bring something totally unique that only Sheree can bring, you know what I mean. And I think that we've seen some of those moments this season. It's just been really nice to have you back.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Oh, thank you. Yeah. I-- I don't know. I feel like I've always had to be-- you know, I'm resilient, but I've always had to be strong. And I don't always want to be strong, but--


SHEREE WHITFIELD: Yeah. I've always had to be. You know.

GIBSON JOHNS: And-- and I think that that's an important lesson, is like, we expect-- we expect what-- we expect you to be strong, and you always will be strong. But also, there is strength in showing that emotion.

There is strength in showing that vulnerability and those lower moments. And I don't think-- I think-- I feel like over the years, you've kind of been more-- even more willing to show those things.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, Reality TV, I mean, this is my real life, unfortunately, sometimes.

GIBSON JOHNS: And one thing that also must have made you feel good about the reunion, was being first seat. You're next to Andy.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: I know. That was my first time being next to Andy. How amazing.

GIBSON JOHNS: That's-- hey.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Yeah. I mean, it couldn't have been any other way. I mean, I had an amazing season. And I felt like I deserved to be, you know, in that seat.

GIBSON JOHNS: All right. So Sheree, I love this group of women. I think that this cast is really great and really balanced. And I love the new additions. I love-- I love-- I just love kind of where it is right now. And I feel like giving everybody another chance to-- again, just kind of like-- just kind of like ease in with each other and settle in. Like--


GIBSON JOHNS: I think that that would be really beneficial to everybody. And it would continue to change the dynamic. But I kind of think sometimes when we change it up too much, it's like, it's kind of whiplash. Do you feel the same way? Do you feel like everyone should come back? How do you-- how do you think about the cast right now?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: I mean I feel like-- I would like some to go. I mean, I would love to see another OG. I would love to see Alecia Woo. I would even like to see Kim. You know, Kim is funny.

GIBSON JOHNS: Do you think-- do you think Kim would come back? I'm sure-- you guys are still friends.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: I don't know if she would come back. I think if I was there, or somebody that, you know, another OG, I think she would.

GIBSON JOHNS: And there's rumblings, there's fan-- there's fan theories that people think that Porsha could come back. Would you support Porsha coming back?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: I would definitely support Porsha coming back.


SHEREE WHITFIELD: Yeah. She has a good story. Yeah. For sure.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah. So-- so-- so, but do you think everyone who's here now should stay?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: I mean, one person can leave for sure.

GIBSON JOHNS: I think I know who you're talking about.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Would not be missed. Would not be missed at all.

GIBSON JOHNS: OK. OK. All right. But-- but generally speaking, you're happy with this group right now, in terms of--


GIBSON JOHNS: Moving forward.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: I feel the same way you do. You know, of course, some of us were just getting to know each other. And I think, you know, allow us to continue that and see where it goes.

GIBSON JOHNS: Totally. And for you-- for you, next season, now-- now that SHE by Sheree is-- has come to fruition and it's out there, and there doesn't need to be that-- that element necessarily to lead up to that launch, we could watch you-- we could watch you continue to build the brand.

But what would that next season look like for you? Would we see-- would we see more of your love life on the show? Would Martell be around? What would that look like?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Oh, you know, you're going to get my real life. So what you're going to see is, me, definitely working on SHE by Sheree, taking it to new levels. You know, I see SHE by Sheree as a lifestyle boutique. So I love home.

I love interior. I like you know, fitness, also, maybe some workout stuff. Me and my daughters, we, you know, we're creating a workout program. We love to show that, love life, kids, family.

GIBSON JOHNS: OK. Sheree are you-- are you smitten right now? Are you single right now? Are you in a relationship right now? What can you tell me?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: I am living life, loving life, enjoying life.

GIBSON JOHNS: OK. And you mentioned fitness. In what world would there be a SHE by Sheree-Drop It With Drew collaboration?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: In no world, not even Pluto, Mars, Saturn. You wouldn't get that.

GIBSON JOHNS: All right. Just--


GIBSON JOHNS: I had to ask.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Listen, you got a workout to do-- no, you got to want to workout to do my fitness style.

GIBSON JOHNS: All right. So well, we might get a SEE by Sheree fitness situation and fitness program at some point.


GIBSON JOHNS: All right. All right. And then, again, I think the reunion is obviously a time for seeking closure, of reflection, of what have you. Just looking back, obviously, at the season, is there anything that you would have done differently this time?

Again, because it was a big return season for you, is there anything that you would look back and you're like, hmm, I wouldn't have done that or I would have done that differently?

SHEREE WHITFIELD: You know what, I try to not go back and do like, what ifs or learn from my mistakes, and appreciate you know, everything how it happened. Things are going to happen how they're going to happen. But moving forward, you may try to do things a little differently. But I feel like, no, after like, the season-- my season was my season, you know.

GIBSON JOHNS: You're owning it.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: I'm owning it.

GIBSON JOHNS: Yeah, I love it. I love it. Well, Sheree, I'm just-- again, I'm just really proud of-- again, like-- again, I'm one of those people who's been been along for this long journey with you. And it's not over, obviously, but the SHE by Sheree journey has just-- it's--

SHEREE WHITFIELD: It's just beginning.

GIBSON JOHNS: It's there. It's there. And it's-- there's more to come, obviously. But I'm just-- I just think it's been really-- it's amazing that we got to see this and got to be there for that-- for that-- for this part of the journey.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Thank you. And I thank you guys for-- first, for having me today, but also for the support over the years. It means so much to me.

GIBSON JOHNS: Well, Sheree, there's more to come from the reunion, I'm sure. And I can't wait to see the-- the end of it. But thank you so much for your time today. I really appreciate it. And I look forward to next time. Hopefully, I'll see you at Bravocon.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Yes, I'll be at Bravocon. I'll see you there.

GIBSON JOHNS: Good. Good. All right. Thank--

SHEREE WHITFIELD: Come hit me. Come see me.

GIBSON JOHNS: I will I will. I will. I will. I will. All right, thank you so much, Sheree.

SHEREE WHITFIELD: All right. Thank you.



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