‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Drew Sidora defends 'layered' husband amid assistant drama

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Drew Sidora is back for a second go ’round on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and she’s still not shying away from giving her castmates and the viewers alike an unvarnished look into her life.

The actress, who was one of the stars of the Bravo hit to be asked back after a major cast shake-up, opened the May 1 season premiere by addressing a huge hurdle in her marriage with Ralph Pittman. And whether it’s drama with her husband or drama with her co-stars, Sidora told In The Know in an interview for the most recent episode of We Should Talk that she had a renewed mentality when it came to addressing conflict this season.

“This season, I’m not letting anybody take me out of my character. That is my biggest thing. I am here to let people really get to know me, but I express myself how I express myself. I’m a Housewife, I’m an actress and I express myself in a very artful way. Let’s just say that!” Sidora told In The Know. “If you come for me, you’re going to get everything that comes with that.”

Listen to Real Housewives of Atlanta star Drew Sidora’s full episode of We Should Talk here, and keep reading for highlights from the interview:

On addressing drama with her husband, Ralph, on the show: It’s hard, because we live in Atlanta, so by them being friends of mine, they really know what’s going on in my life. You can’t really hide away from it, because [if you do] then you’re not being real. I want to be vulnerable, but it is hard. … That was something that really happened offseason that I was dealing with. We weren’t all the way through it, but marriage is full of ups and downs. We go through counseling, and things happen. It was the timing of when we started filming that we had to talk about it, because it was happening and it was not going away. … I hope people will see that [Ralph] is layered. That’s one thing about my husband: Yes, he is what you guys see, but he’s so many other things! You’ll see those layers start to peel back, and that’s what’s so beautiful about our marriage.

On making nice with Kenya Moore for her second season: God is good. Anything can happen in this group and, honestly, I was like, “I don’t even know why we don’t get along. I just remember that there were things that were said in the moment that we were both hurt by.” At the reunion, she did apologize to me. I felt like, for her to own it and apologize, why do I still need to carry that gripe? Why do I still need to be angry? I’m doing great things in my life, and she did Dancing With the Stars and I was rooting her on. She looked so happy. Her glow-up is real! So, I just really wanted to try. I always give a good try, because I’m not always perfect and forgiveness is important. If we can get to a middle ground and get to some understanding, I was willing to be the bigger person in that moment just to see where her head was at. And I can say honestly that we are building, and I feel good about where we were this season.

On Shereé Whitfield’s return to the show: You have Shereé the legend, and then you have Shereé the human being. Are those the same? I don’t know — you’ll have to tune in to watch. I was like, “Oh, my God! I look up to her. She’s the OG! I watched her when I was growing up. She’s motha!” Like, come on! For me, I felt like I could look up to her and learn a lot from her, but … sometimes you learn that you just … I’ll look to my mother [instead].

On Marlo Hampton finally getting a peach: We all know I was sad about my girl P[orsha Williams]. I miss her being on the show. With Cynthia [Bailey] — I came in through Cynthia! — I was definitely heartbroken, but I was definitely excited by what this brought Marlo with a peach. That’s pretty legendary. … Marlo and I really connected. We connected over edges! … Marlo’s supercool. Marlo is a real one, and I’m just happy that she has a peach, and I got to learn so much more about her. I got to go to her house and learn so many other sides about her. She’s this incredible “munty,” and we really started to bond. Even now, we still text and talk, so it’s really dope.

Watch In The Know’s full interview with Drew Sidora below, and tune in to The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET only on Bravo:

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