Real Housewife of Potomac Monique Samuels Helped Her Kids Cope With Coronavirus Anxiety With One Thing

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Like for many of us, 2020 has been a year of reflection for Monique Samuels. The Real Housewives of Potomac star recently revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada how she is managing her marriage conflicts and helping her kids with their Coronavirus-induced anxiety while under quarantine.

While all parenting relationships have been tested under lockdown, the killing of George Floyd also affected Samuels’ seven-year-old son Christopher so much that he made a bulletproof vest. Understandably, his mother found this reaction particularly worrisome. “I felt the same feeling when I gave birth – thinking, ‘Whoa, I have to do everything on earth to protect this little boy’,” she said.” “He got complimented so much when he was [a baby] and I thought, ‘What happens when he’s not small and cute anymore? When he’s a teenager?’ Protecting him as a Black child has always been something I’ve thought about, so when he made that vest, it gut-punched me.”

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Samuels went on to explain how her son’s ability to turn this frightening moment in history into a source of strength was comforting and empowering. “He’s only 7-years-old and for him to have to discuss these things sucks, but it’s a necessary conversation,” Samuels says. “I’m happy he was able to see a positive side.”

Amid the Black Lives Matter movement and the global pandemic, the mother of three shared how she is helping her children ease their pandemic-related anxiety. Samuels revealed that with everything going on in the world, her children started to have a lot of nightmares and how this prompted the family to find healthy coping strategies. “They [were] stressed out,’” she shares. “So, we had an open conversation about their thoughts then started doing family meditation before bed. While they sleep, we also play meditation music. It worked — they’ve been much happier and are having good dreams!”

Additionally, the reality television star took this opportunity to share more on how this season will unfold, following her arrest and second-degree assault charge after a fight with co-star, Candiace Dillard. Samuels opened up about how staying at home has affected her relationship and parenting dynamics. Samuels and her partner have long stated the importance of marriage counseling.

And, during the season, viewers will get an inside look into the couple’s (now) virtual sessions, “Sometimes you tolerate things because it’s not in your face every day, but now we’re constantly home, it became like a competition of who’s doing the most or enough for the kids — which was counterproductive,” Samuels said to the outlet.”

She went onto explain how the couple has learned to divide and conquer household responsibilities to avoid feelings of resentment. “We faced things head-on that have always been issues — something as simple as how my take on affection is cuddling, whereas my husband might think it’s sitting on the couch watching TV together,” the media personality continued.

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