The Real Benefit Of Crystals For Weight Loss Comes From *Believing* They Can Help

Deciding you want to go on a weight loss journey is a big deal, it’s understandable to want to get all the tools you can to make sure you have the best chance of success. For those into alternative healing wellness rituals, the question of whether crystals can be useful for weight loss may arise.

ICYMI, crystals have been growing in popularity in the wellness space over the past few years. People swear that certain crystals can help them do everything, from de-stressing to giving them more energy. Plus, they look really pretty on your desk or bedside table.

It’s not so-shocking, then, that crystal believers think certain stones can help control appetite, keep you motivated, boost metabolism, and encourage you to make smart eating choices. The claims include that you can reap benefits by simply placing them around your kitchen or wearing them as jewelry.

Keep in mind, there’s no research that shows cozying up with certain crystals will magically help you drop pounds. (Sorry to disappoint. But some dietitians do think there’s upside to the whole concept that crystals can help you lose weight due to the placebo effect. “The real benefit is the belief that it is doing something—anything,” says Scott Keatley, RD, of Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy. While it’s definitely unconventional, experts say there’s really no harm in trying (as long as you’re not, ya know, blowing your month’s rent on crystals!).

Surprised? Don’t be. There’s a very specific way in which these gems can work for you, and it has next to nothing to do with your aura or anything like that. Let's dive deeper...

Can crystals help you lose weight, really?!

If having crystals around has any impact at all for weight loss, it is all due to the placebo effect—which has its own merits. This phenomenon occurs when a treatment group receives a fake therapy but still progresses or has improved symptoms because the people in it believe they’re doing something that helps them feel better, explains Mary Mosquera, RD, an outpatient dietitian at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

“So, even if it turns out there is no scientific proof that using crystals leads to weight loss, if someone has the belief that crystals can make a difference, they could start losing weight or making habit changes by introducing them into their current weight loss regimen,” she says.

Keatley agrees. “The placebo effect is very strong with crystals,” he says. “More specifically, it is a belief that there is something greater than you—in this case, cosmic energy enhanced through crystals.”

Some people may also just feel motivated by crystals because they have a special significance to them, says Mosquera. “I could see how constantly seeing a crystal or wearing a crystal that has a specific meaning to you could cause mental shifts that could help with weight loss,” she says. “For example, maybe you feel your trouble is staying motivated throughout the weight loss process, so you buy a crystal that is supposed to increase motivation and focus. Every time you see it or touch it, you're reminded that you can be motivated and focused, or you tell yourself that you're getting more motivated and focused each day.”

Are there any downsides to using crystals for weight loss?

Some people may experience the "nocebo effect," Keatley note, and then blame their inability to lose weight on a faulty crystal or bad energy versus their actual eating habits or lack of exercise.

That’s why dietitians stress the importance of following proven weight-loss methods. “Sustained weight loss is all about making long-term habit changes and mindset shifts, and it's really a very mental and emotional process,” Mosquera says. “Whatever tools people can find that help them make those changes, that's always going to be a positive thing.”

In addition to eating well and exercising regularly, she recommends using a vision board and saying positive affirmations to help you stick with your goals.

The 7 Best Crystals For Weight Loss

Again, there’s *no* science to back up the claims. But if you like to decorate or accessorize with crystals, here are some types that people believe can help with different aspects of weight loss. And, if nothing else, they look beautiful and cozy up your home gym.

Amethyst is a popular stone that’s thought to help balance out your hormones while boosting your metabolism.

Blue apatite is believed to help you control your hunger.

This orangey-red crystal is believed to help tamp down hunger and cravings.

Some people believe that epidote can help you let go of the emotional issues that cause you to overeat.

Peridot is thought to help reduce anxiety, detox your body, and help you stay motivated to lose weight.

Sodalite is said to ramp up your metabolism, along with helping you make better food choices.

White quartz is thought to help boost your motivation and get rid of negative energy.

Again, if you rely solely on crystals for weight loss, they are unlikely to do anything. But if you are a believer, you do you.

But these rocks can come in handy if you *believe* they’ll help you out. But you must use them in addition to modifying your nutrition and exercise.

“If someone isn't making the needed changes to choose healthier foods, eat mindfully, adjust portion sizes, increase physical activity, and manage stress, I don't think that adding crystals alone will make much difference,” Mosquera says. “But if they inspire you to start making those changes, I don't think there's any harm.”

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