Ready For Happy Hour? Meet Your New Personal Bartender

Jon Gugala

So it’s that time of day and you’re craving a perfect old fashioned or mojito. You could Google the ingredients and then wing it. Or, you could let the Barsys coaster, a virtual bartender the size of a hockey puck, guide you to a flawless mixed drink at home. It shows you countless complex or easy alcoholic drinks to make at home. And while it won’t ever replace a legendary bartender like Dale DeGroff, it will at least make social distancing and sheltering in place that much more tolerable when you can’t swing by your local for a drink.


If you’re the type of guy who’s still enjoying cocktails in quarantine, then the Barsys coaster is the best way to master some of your favorites, or simply hone your bartending skills. This smart device takes the waxed mustaches and suspenders out of the equation while delivering the precision a perfect drink demands.

Barsys Coaster

This brilliant coaster turns any shmo into a master mixologist.

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