Ready for the First Night of Kwanzaa? Here Are 7 Gifts Perfect For Umoja

Bella Morais
·2 min read

The first night of Kwanzaa marks the beginning of a celebration of Blackness and the power of coming together. After having spent the majority of 2020 stuck inside with my family, I can safely say that we are all closer than ever. Umoja (unity) is about creating and fostering strength between parents and children, within a community, across generations and races.

Here are some unique gifts you can share that represent Umoja.

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Puzzles of Color

Brother and sister duo William and Ericka founded Puzzles of Color where they create beautifully designed puzzles that represent Black joy and are also framable works of art.

Just Like Me Box

Founder of the Just Like Me! Book Box, Tamara McNeil, has made it her mission to deliver curated and creative book boxes with the mission of exposing young children to a world of literature that contains stories about children who are reflective of themselves.

A Kids Book About

As a father of a blended family, Jelani Memory, founder and author of A Kids Book About Racism, set out to create a tool for just his own children to talk and learn about racism. But this wonderful book grew and expanded as other families reached out about having similar concerns. These books, which cover a wide range of important and hard-hitting topics, aim to talk to kids about such topics, not around them.

The Fresh Dolls

The Fresh Dolls by Dr. Lisa creates multicultural and multiethnic dolls. As a mother and former professor, Dr. Lisa got the idea to create such dolls after hearing a girl talk about how dark-skinned dolls were “nasty” and touched her own skin at the same time. She aims to bring joy and confidence to young girls who may not have had toys that looked like them before.


Grass-fields was founded by twin sisters from Cameroon, Christelle and Michelle Nganhou. The inspiration hails from their African heritage and love for creative expression through clothing. These thoughtfully designed pieces all feature handmade African prints for men, women and children.

KaAn’s Designs

KaAn’s Designs (pronounced Can’s) was founded and designed by husband and wife duo, Ashley and Kenny. Their apparel is geared towards millennial parents and their children with catchy and hilarious quotes about the struggles of parenthood. Each shirt is hand-printed in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Colorfull Plates

Robin Oloyede founded Colorfull Plates after her son told her about his dream of becoming an astronaut and their journey to find a dinner plate with one that looked like him fell short. The mission around Colorfull Plates is to foster children’s dreams by creating everyday items that represent them and their dreams.