Razer’s Anzu smart glasses are the office accessory you never knew you needed

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I love to multi-task, and when my gear can do it too, that just makes me really happy.

One of Razer’s latest additions to its eclectic collection of lifestyle products is a pair of smart glasses called Anzu. These specs seem to have it all: stylish looks, built-in mic and speakers, swappable lenses and low-latency audio capabilities.

To be clear, glasses with speakers aren’t a new concept — Oakley, Bose and others have tried them before. But with our shifting workplace landscape and Razer’s unique take on how its products can enhance our lives, the Anzu might be more impactful than we could imagine.

Let’s take a closer look at my experience with Razer’s new smart glasses, and see if they’re the productivity booster you’ve been missing all along.

Razer Anzu Technical Specifications

  • 35% blue light filtering lenses

  • 99% UVA/UVB protective polarized sunglass replacement lenses

  • USB-A charging cable

  • Carrying case

  • Built-in mic and speakers

  • Bluetooth 60ms low-latency audio

  • Touch-enabled and voice assistant compatible

  • More than 5 hours of battery life

  • Water-resistant IPX4 design

Convenient Audio and Awareness

razer anzu smart glasses on a white desk
Credit: Razer

I’ll skip directly to the question that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue: “How’s the audio experience of the Anzu?” Here’s the best way I can describe it — it’s better than your smartphone speaker, but obviously not as good as earbuds or headphones.

The Anzu produces crisp and clear sound with plenty of perceived volume, but because the speakers lay on the side of your head, a bit forward of the ears, it’s missing the bass tones that most would need to fully enjoy music. That being said, I find myself preferring Anzu over my earbuds or headphones for a number of reasons.

These days, I simply need audio for the sake of audio — mostly for video meetings — and wearing glasses is more comfortable than having the vacuum-sealed feeling of earbuds or the clamping pressure and weight of headphones. I’m perfectly satisfied with Anzu for video/phone calls, cruising silly YouTube videos and playing casual mobile games.

The biggest benefit, in my opinion, is the ability to stay aware of my surroundings while using Anzu. Because the audio is projected directly towards my ears, what I need to be listening to is front-and-center, but I’m still able to be present in case my partner or pup needs my attention. In an office setting, I’ll also seem more approachable — wearing headphones and earbuds is an unofficial “do not disturb” sign for the modern workplace.

Speaking of other parties, the audio from Anzu is nearly imperceptible to all but the wearer, so you don’t have to worry about bothering those around you, even if they’re sitting just a few feet away.

Stylish and Invisible Tech

person using tablet wearing razer anzu smart glasses
Credit: Slickdeals

As someone who doesn’t wear prescription glasses, I found the Anzu to be surprisingly comfortable. Like many others of Asian descent, it’s difficult for me to find frames that fit my face well. It’s such a common issue that Oakley created an entirely separate category of glasses called “Asia Fit.” I’m glad that Razer’s design didn’t exclude me and half the world’s population.

And of course, any Razer product is always going to be gamer-friendly. The Anzu comes standard with blue light filtering lenses which can be swapped for polarized sunglass lenses (also included), and its Bluetooth connection features a low latency mode that reduces lag when you’re playing an action-packed game.

razer audio app menu
Credit: Razer

Both arms of the glasses are touch-enabled and can be customized independently via the Razer Audio app to do things like control music, manage calls, or activate your smartphone’s voice assistant.

Come for the View, Stay for the Productivity

person working at an outdoor table
Credit: Razer

Everyone’s busier than ever these days, and with many of us working from home, our attention is even more divided. That’s why I really appreciate how Anzu seamlessly integrates into my constantly changing environment.

The open ear speaker design means I can keep wearing the Anzu throughout the day, and always have a communications device at the ready. Need to walk the dog between video calls? No problem! I don’t have to worry about removing headphones so I can hear a potential hazard approaching from behind me.

And depending on your work industry, wearing glasses can be perceived as looking more professional compared to a set of over-ear headphones. Either way, I’m always reaching for Anzu because it does everything that headphones can do, but in a much more stylish and comfortable way.

If I was responsible for a large business team, I’d make Razer’s Anzu smart glasses a part of company-issued equipment for all employees since it enhances ergonomics as well as focus.

Razer Anzu is available now from Best Buy, Amazon and Razer for $199.99. You can choose from a round or rectangle frame design with small/medium and large sizes for both styles.

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