This Rattan Tote Is Giving Me All The Cottagecore Vibes For Spring

·1 min read

I can’t be the only millennial trying to copy Gen Z’s cute cottagecore aesthetic come springtime. I refuse to accept that! I know those of us who grew up with summers spent in Abercrombie denim skirts are just itching to reinvent ourselves with sweet floral dresses, puffy sleeves and picnics galore. That’s why I’m a high-key fan of cottagecore vibes—and why I’m officially swapping my handbag for the Poppy + Sage Rattan Drawstring Harper Tote as soon as possible.

Lately, I’ve been on a mission to shop more sustainably, especially when buying an item I want to keep for a long time. If I’m splurging on something nice, I want my money to go somewhere good! That’s why I’ve become obsessed with the rattan and straw handbags from...

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