A Rare Quadruple Formation of Planets Will Be Visible in the Night Sky This Evening

Stargazers have a reason to rejoice this week thanks to a unique formation happening out in the galaxy. According to Good News Network, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are all coming together in alignment tonight, March 10. Plus, part of the moon will act as a frame for the planets. You will be able to see this "Quadruple Formation" from the southeast horizon sans telescope and binoculars, but you will be able to see Jupiter's moons and Saturn's rings clearer if you have these essentials.

Out of these planets, Jupiter will be the brightest and easiest to spot. Mercury, on the other, hand will be the dimmest. Also keep in mind that our view from Earth can make the planets look a little distorted. Researchers explained that you might only see a quarter of Mercury, as we can only see our Moon as a crescent at the moment.

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This isn't the only attraction happening in outer space. In fact, humans will soon be able to see planets like never before thanks to the first-ever space hotel, which will begin being built in 2025. Per the Daily Mail, the Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) is building the perfect "space-cation" spot for 400 guests that will resemble a cruise ship-like experience. The Voyager Station will tentatively open by 2027 and include everything from health spas and themed restaurants to gyms and movie theaters.

The hotel will rotate in a large circle around the Earth and also have a gravity similar to the surface of the Moon. "This will be the next industrial revolution," John Blincow, the founder of the Gateway Foundation, said. He explained that this travel innovation will allow researchers to understand more about gravity necessary for humans and the space industry. "People need gravity so their bodies won't fall apart," he added.