Rare Monster Deep Sea Fish Washed Up in California Just in Time For Halloween

A lifeguard at Crystal Cove State Park Sierra Fockler discovered a deep-sea anglerfish lying on the shore of Moro Beach near the lifeguard headquarters earlier this month. This is so remarkable because these frightening looking fish can be found about 6,000 feet below the water's surface, and sometimes even deeper.

Just check out this amazing monster.

Pacific Footballfish, a species of anglerfish, have a bioluminescent lure located on a stalk that extends from their head, which is used to attract prey like a glow-in-the-dark dangling fishing lure.

According to KFor, "The specimen discovered on Oct. 13 is likely a female, given its size and the presence of the luminescent stalk on the top of its head."

While they’re a common species in the depths of the ocean, experts say it’s extremely rare to see an actual anglerfish intact above shore. So rare, that there are only 31 complete adult female specimens of this species that exist in museums across the world.

Because there are so few of these scary looking fish deep in the sea, their mating process is pretty creepily wild. When a male finds a female, he bites onto her and eventually fuses his body with her body. Over time, the male's body degenerates, leaving only his testes to provide sperm for the female when she is ready to reproduce.

Here's that romantic scenario on video, captured by National Geographic for the first time this mating has ever been filmed about five years ago.

These fish are so fascinating but we still wouldn't want to see one up close and in person. At least not a live one!

But how cool that there are creatures like this that exist. Nature can just be amazingly fascinating.

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