Rare Endangered Banker Horse Gives Birth To Beautiful Pony

Banker Horses are a breed of feral horse found in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, USA. There are only about 300 of these horses in the world, which is why it's such wonderful news that a new pony has been born in Corolla, North Carolina.

Just take a look at beautiful little Eros who is the first newborn of the year!

Eros is getting the herd population just a slight amount above what it needs for genetic diversity. The minimum population is 110, and Eros puts them at 111. He's so cute watching him with his parents!

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Meg Puckett, who is with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, told News Nation Now , "They have a place in history,” Puckett said. “We are tasked with preserving that. As they lose habitat, as we lose places like Corolla to development to climate change and everything, we just have a responsibility to do our best to make sure that they stay here for hundreds more years.”

Fun Facts About Banker Horses

It is believed that Banker Horses are descendants of Spanish horses brought to the Americas by explorers in the 16th century. It is thought that some of these horses either escaped or were intentionally released from shipwrecks along the Outer Banks, where they adapted to the harsh coastal environment. These sources have not been fully verified, but one theory is that ancestors of the Banker swam ashore from wrecked Spanish galleons.

Banker Horses are small, and their coats come in colors like black and chestnut.

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Banker horses are considered a critically endangered breed, with only a few hundred individuals remaining in the wild. The Corolla Wild Horse Fund explains that people need to keep a distance from these gorgeous horses, and if they approach you, "Please do your best to move away from the horses and remember that in the summer when the horses come down to the beach it is in an attempt to get away from the heat and the biting insects. Respect their space and give them some breathing room!"

If you would like to learn more about these beautiful horses and their history or to make a donation, you can visit the Corolla Wild Horse Fund here.

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