Rapper Shoots Family and Releases a Music Video on the Same Day

Photo:  EGYPXN

Every once in a while, a story may have you thinking, what the hell is wrong with people? This is one of those.

On March 28, Virginia rapper EGYPXN, born Tiye Adam Washington II, broke into his own mother’s home. He not only shot his mother, Tyesha Hall, but he also shot his 21-year-old sister and his 12-year-old brother.

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As if those crimes weren’t bad enough, the Virginia artist also dropped a music video for his song, “Be Free” shortly after committing those horrendous acts. Thankfully, none of the family members he shot were killed, but they are all still recovering from the life-threatening injuries.

This particular crime has similarities to that of Texas rapper Tay-K, who was on the run from the police while he was shooting the music video for “The Race.” But, unlike Tay-K, the music video for EGYPXN was pre-scheduled to release on YouTube days before he actually committed those crimes against his family.

According to ABC 8 News, local police shortly started a citywide search for the 26-year-old rapper as his injured family members were transported to a hospital.

The next day, on March 29, he posted multiple times on Instagram, but the one post that stood out read, “This world is of full of nothing but suffering and pain. The Burden I’ve carried on my heart has finally reached its peak. I will not be held captive or a prisoner.

He continued, “I rather return to source. REMEMBER, please be careful and considerate of how you treat ppl.. Ya never know what someone is going through or when their breaking point is.”

In the caption for the same post, he wrote, “My last request from humanity is that you seriously evaluate the care you have for each other. If this species is to ever evolve you must stop eating animals, stop warring with each other and take care of mother earth. Overthrow this sadistic government and rebuild. On a fresh foundation. It’s time for me to rest now.. #farwell.”

After being on the run for two days, EGYPXN was fatally shot in North Carolina on March 30 after confronting the police in a standoff, according to ABC 8 news.

Although the alleged suspect is dead, police are still investigating the incident.

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